Atari prepares For Comeback by Launching its own cryptocurrency

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Atari is preparing to broaden its business horizons… by creating a cryptocurrency.

Atari VCS, the company’s new console, will be released in November and will allow players to buy stuff with the new “Atari Tokens“. According to Bloomberg, starting October 29, the Exchange will sell Atari Tokens worth $1 million, 25 cents per piece.

Players will be able to use tokens to make in-game purchases, while Atari plans to consolidate Atari Token‘s position in the cryptocurrency industry.

Atari is now much smaller than it used to be. The announcement of its new console and the cryptocurrency venture is a strategy so that it can “get back in the game” after the company’s recent bankruptcy.

Its strategy is based on consumer nostalgia, since its new console, Atari VCS, will bring back old games, such as Missile Command: Recharged, in reimagined versions.

However, at a price close to the PS5 Digital Version price, it may be quite difficult.

Atari VCS will be released in November.

What do you think? Will Atari manage to make it’s come back in the gaming scene?


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