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bitcoin faucet list

Bitcoin Faucets have existed since bitcoin first appeared in the digital scene. Their purpose at first was to increase the adoption of bitcoin by giving small sums of bitcoin to the public.

To get bitcoin for free using bitcoin faucets you only need to visit the bitcoin faucet and take an action. Usually that ”action” is to solve a captcha. Most faucets allow you to earn every one hour, or every-two or once per day – depending on how the webmaster adjusted its settings.

The amount of bitcoin you are going to earn will be worth a few cents each time. But if you visit many faucets every day 5 – 10 times per day, in the long run, your bitcoin will start to accumulate.

In this Bitcoin Faucet List we will try to include the TOP 50 faucet websites that give bitcoin for free. If you want to get bitcoin for free then this is the easiest method. Just join as many faucets from this list and start accumulating your bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Faucet List

#Bitcoin FaucetMin.RewardInterval
1.Freebitco.in38 satoshi60 min.
3.bonusbitcoin.co15 min. min. 5 satoshi60 min.
7.getyourbitco.in6 satoshi5 min.
8. fautsy.com100 satoshi5 min.
9.allcoins.pw5 min. satoshi5 min.
11.sunbtc.space6 satoshi5 min. satoshi5 min. satoshi60 min.
14.timeforbitco.in5 min.
16.worldofbitco.in5 min.
17.bitcoinker.com5 min.
18.pentafaucet.com5 satoshi 5 min.
20.coinadster.com5 min.
21.faucetcrypto.com30 min.
22.michabitco.in60 min.
24.i-bits.io5 min.
25.starbits.io6 satoshi 6 min.
26.claimbits.io5 satoshi 6 min.
27.gobits.io5 satoshi 6 min.
30.konstantinova.net8 satoshi 5 min. 15 min.
32.xfaucet.net8 satoshi5 min. satoshis5 min.
37. luckydice.net5 satoshi5 min.
38. 9 satoshi5 min.
39. digitalgain.net100 satoshi5 min. 5 satoshi 6 min.
41. 15 satoshi900 min.
42. bitcosite.com7 satoshi5 min.
43. freebitcoin.vip5 satoshi10 min.

How Bitcoin Faucets Make Money

Bitcoin Faucets make money the following ways:

  1. Showing Advertisements. Most Bitcoin Faucets make their money by stuffing their websites with advertisements. The faucets then make money every day from showing ads. The more people they enter the faucet, the more money they make. From their earnings, they pay the users who visit the faucet.
  2. From Tasks & Offers. Many bitcoin faucets have incorporated other methods for their members to make bitcoin by integrating tasks and offer walls to their platforms.
  3. PTC Ads. PTC stands from Paid to Click. many bitcoin faucets added this option to their platforms as well. You basically click on an advertisement, watch it for 3 – 5 seconds and earn a small about of bitcoin.

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If you happen to know a bitcoin faucet that it is not listed here, add it in the comments section below. If we deem that it deserves to be added to our list above, we will add it.

Image by mustofa agus tri utomo from Pixabay

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