Biggest List of Bitcoin Hosting companies (50+) Who Accept Bitcoin


If you are looking for a list of bitcoin hosting companies who accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for payment, you’ve just hit the Jackpot.

Down this page, I have compiled a list with over 50 bitcoin hosting providers who accept bitcoin or/and cryptocurrencies.

The hosting companies in this list are not ranked based on any factor. They are just placed on the list with the order they were discovered.

Our goal is to list ALL known hosting companies who accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and help the crypto community discover hosting providers to spend their bitcoins on.

my #1 Bitcoin Hosting Recommendation 👌

The BEST hosting provider that accepts bitcoin is Hostinger. I’ve been hosting some of my properties with them for the past two years, and I have NEVER had a problem with them – EVER. They offer dirty cheap prices on their hosting plans, exceptional 24/7 support, amazing free perks (domain, SSL) with every hosting plan and they host your websites on SSD Disks – even their Shared hosting plans. You can check my full Hostinger review here (coming soon). The best part – they accept BITCOIN 🤩.

List With Hosting Companies Who Accept Bitcoin

🤫 Pssst.. Hosting Providers who have a ❤️ next to them, are my personal favourites and I recommend checking them first.

6.SUPERBITHOST.COMOffshore Hosting
7.ABELOHOST.COMOffshore Hosting❤️
9.AWARDSPACE.COMOffers Free Hosting
12.HOSTWINDS.COMFast Hosting❤️
13.SHINJIRU.COMOffshore Hosting❤️
16.HOSTING.CO.UKUK hosting
17.CCIHOSTING.COMOffshore Hosting
19.VPSNINE.COMLinux VPS Hosting
25.SNEL.COMDedicated & VPS Hosting
26.WEB4AFRICA.COMAfrica Hosting
27.HOST.AGDedicated Hosting
28.LIBERTYVPS.NETOffshore VPS Hosting
29.SPEEDEHOST.COMOffshore Hosting
30.ALTUSHOST.COMVPS & Dedicated Hosting❤️
39.JAVAPIPE.COMCloud Hosting❤️
40.ITITCH.COMAnonymous Hosting❤️
43.HOSTERBOX.COMCanadian Hosting❤️
44.VPB.COMDedicated Servers
45.TEMOK.COMManaged Cloud Hosting❤️
47.VINDOHOSTING.COMAnonymous Hosting
48.IMPREZA.HOSTAnonymous Hosting
49.THEONIONHOST.COMOffshore Hosting
52.PALEXWEB.COMOffshore Hosting
53.ANONYMOUSLY.IOAnonymous Hosting
54.VSYS.HOSTAnonymous Hosting

🚨 If you know a hosting provider who accepts bitcoin or crypto in general and it is not listed below, just send me an email here with the company’s name only and I will add it to my list. My goal is to make this page the most complete list with hosting services who accept bitcoin.

List Of Bitcoin Hosting Companies – Conclusion

As much as some people want bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency thing to drop dead, that’s not going to happen. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the future of money and those who’ll stay behind are missing a huge opportunity to capitalize on this.

There are many companies around the world who saw this crypto-bitcoin-craze-thing as an opportunity to get more clients by simply accepting bitcoin among their more traditional payment methods.

From companies who offer online services, such as hosting, domain registration and VPN services, online shops, soccer teams, NBA teams to companies who offer trips to space – it seems that nowadays you can use your bitcoin to buy just about anything you desire.

On this page, I decided to list all the hosting companies who accept bitcoin. This is not a comparison list between these hosting companies. It is only a list of all the hosting providers who accept bitcoin.

This page is part of my lists series where we list companies from various sectors who accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can check my List with VPN companies Who Accept Bitcoin (coming soon) and my List with Domain Registrars who accept Bitcoin (coming soon) or my List with ALL Cryptocurrency Wallets (again, coming soon). In general, you can check all my lists here.

If you enjoyed my List Of Bitcoin Hosting Companies, consider sharing it with the rest of the crypto community.

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