Bitcoin hosting - Hosting Companies that accept bitcoin

Bitcoin Hosting: Top 10 Companies to Buy Hosting with Bitcoin

Bitcoin (and bitcoin hosting subsequently) has been the buzzword the latest years and has pervaded the digital universe within years. The virtual currency currently holds a price of 12.000 USD as of yet. It has been the desired digital currency by many and the demand of being used as a payment method in the mainstream is increasing daily.

The network has exponentially expanded over the years where the users can use it as a payment method to pay for products and services online or otherwise.

Web hosting services were among the first ones who readily adopted this digital currency and also implemented it as a payment option. A number of “bitcoin hosting companies” are already giving the option to Buy Hosting With Bitcoin or with other cryptocurrencies.

In this article we will be covering the following:

  • Why use Bitcoin currency?
  • A comprehensive list of all the Bitcoin Hosting companies
  • Description for each of these companies.

Why use Bitcoin currency in the first place?

Primarily it could empower about 2 billion people who are unbanked globally. Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer borderless currency can solve this fundamental problem, one which pertains to not having a conventional bank account – a middleman.

It is truly decentralized in every sense of that word. So, there will be no middleman, which will be cutting down on the redundancies. Age and other specific restrictions won’t be there which will drastically empower in equal economic participation.

It offers anonymity in some extend. People can use their bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency they wish) to pay online for services or products that might not be legal in their country. Anonymity can help you raise your voice on the internet even higher without the fear of getting shut down by a big corporation or a government after you expose them.

Bitcoin Hosting: Table with TOP 10 Web Hosts That Accept Bitcoin

 FeaturesStart FromButton
Hostinger- Bitcoin Hosting✔️ Free SSL
✔️ Daily Backups
✔️ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit Hostinger

namecheap - bitcoin hosting✔️ Free SSL
✔️ Daily Backups
✔️ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit NameCheap

hostailor - bitcoin hosting✔️ Free SSL
❌ Daily Backups
✔️ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit Hostsailor

glowhost buy hosting with bitcoin✔️ Free SSL
❌ Daily Backups
✔️ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit GlowHost

webhostingpad accepts bitcoin✔️ Free SSL
✔️ Daily Backups
✔️ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit WebHostingPad

HawkHost accepts bitcoin✔️ Free SSL
❌ Daily Backups
❌ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit HawkHost

THC Servers logo✔️ Free SSL
✔️ Daily Backups
❌ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit TCH Servers

Shinjiru logo✔️ Free SSL
✔️ Daily Backups
❌ Free Domain
✔️ SSD Disks


Visit Shinjiru

orange website anonymous hosting

❌ Free SSL
❌ Daily Backups
❌ Free Domain
❌ SSD Disks


Visit OrangeWebsite

cherry-servers❌ Free SSL
❌ Daily Backups
❌ Free Domain
❌ SSD Disks


Visit CherryServers

Review of Top 10 Bitcoin Hosting Providers

Below we are reviewing the top 10 Bitcoin Hosting companies and we outline in detail their pros and cons.


Hostinger Hosting
Source: Hostinger

Hostinger is definitely not the new kid on the block since they have been hosting since early 2004 and have expanded globally since then.

They have over 29 million clients in over 177 countries, which is quite an impressive figure given that they started out with their freemium model in 2007. has primarily ben catering to entry-level bloggers and web designers, fulling their requisite requirement. Their mid-level plan – which is the cheapest – offers the customers with a single domain.

There’s a catch though. To lock on their to-good-to-be-true prices, you have to subscribe for a 48 month contract with them.

Hostinger Accepts The Following Cryptos:

  • Bitcoin

Hostinger Benefits in a nutshell.

  • Very low prices – Value for money Services.
  • Free Domain Name with every hosting plan.
  • Very Strong 24/7 customer Support.
  • Free SSL Certificate with every hosting plan.

Hostinger offers the following services:

  • Web Hosting: You can avail fast, user-friendly and secure web hosting services for your online venture. You’d just have to choose the web hosting plan of your choice and get on with it. Hostinger offers, Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Hosting on Dedicated Servers.
  • Domain Registration: Hostinger provides low-cost domain registration as well. With this service, you can get Domain Privacy to protect along with free domain availability with annual premium or business plans. If you already have a domain name, you can also transfer it to Hostinger.

Go to Hostinger


Namecheap web host that accept bitcoin
Source: NameCheap

Namecheap has been hosting, managing and registering domains, making them easier, accessible and affordable. It is an ICANN accredited domain registrar with over two-decade worth of experience.

They offer a full selection of unique and popular domain with featured packages for hosting. Their packages are competitive without compromising on the quality.

Namecheap Accepts The Following Cryptos:

  • Bitcoin

Namecheap Benefits in a nutshell

  • Accepts Bitcoin.
  • FREE SSL Certificate with every hosting plan
  • FREE Domain Registration with every hosting plan.
  • People-centric with user-friendly stuff and 24/7 customer support.
  • Very competitive prices.

Namecheap offers the following services

  • Domain Registration: They have the most recognizable and in-demand domain names and at great prices as well. They are also adding new names regularly so there won’t be any scarcity of domain name to choose from.
  • Hosting: They use the latest web servers from companies like HP, Dell, and Supermicro with two processors and 16gbs of ram in each of them. Their drives are RAID protected as well. Namecheap offers Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Hosting on Dedicated Servers.

Go to Namecheap


hostsailor bitcoin hosting
Source: HostSailor primarily had established themselves as a trusted provider of Hosting, SSL certificates and Dedicated Servers with a variety of other services as well – such as domain registration.

This global platform is customer-centric and is provided with customer-specific personalization. They already have a daunting record in the VPS hosting arena and now their excellence is pervading the various other sectors.

HostSailor Accepts The Following Cryptos:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • XRP
  • Ethereum
  • and over 50 cryptocurrencies via CoinGate.

HostSailor’s Benefits in a nutshell

There are few pivotal reasons to do so, some of these are highlighted below:

  • FREE SSL Certificate with every hosting plan
  • FREE Domain Registration with every hosting plan.
  • Competitive hosting pricing without compromising on quality.
  • 24/7 customer support via social media, forums and live chatting.

HostSailor offers the following services

  • Website Hosting: Hostsailor offers Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Hosting on Dedicated Servers. Their servers all work with SSD Drives
  • Domain Registration: You can register a domain with Hostsailor as well.
  • SSL Certificates: They also sell SSL certificates.

Go to HostSailor


Glowhost Hosting
Source: Glowhost just might be the perfect web hosting service provider with over two-decade worth of company experience and an extensive portfolio. Their in-house technical team uses their cumulative hosting expertise and strives to provide the best experience a customer can anticipate. Also, they have an impeccable around the clock customer support where you can avail help 24/7/365

Why should you choose GlowHost?

  • They provide extra effort in catering to your business with high-quality services.
  • Their USA and Europe based centers have quick response time and provide accurate solutions. Their typical response time is less than 20 minutes and most of the incidents are often handled in the first five minutes. You can avail their support 24/7/365 throughout the year.
  • It is tedious to change hosts, but they can take good care to channel you through the entire process. The entire operation takes place through user to company co-ordination and that to without additional charges.
  • GlowHost is proudly recognized as an EPA accredited green power partner where they provide eco-friendly web hosting services.
  • Along with high-performance web hosting services, they also provide a legible solution to dissolve any crisis at hand.

Services Offered:

  • Free Domain name registration

They are giving away free domain name of your choice with select plans.

  • Business class email service

Professionally secure IMAP email, end to end PGP, anti-virus and spam control services with advanced encryption support and archiving options.

  • cPanel control panel

They provide one of the most comprehensible and user-friendly control panel packages which are also of high quality.

  • Softaculor web application auto installer

Their robust default web application packages can help you to install any popular open source application on your website with just a click of your button.

Go to GlowHost


web hosting pad
Source: Webhostingpad started as a small business venture with just two servers at their hand. But with the hard work and an extensive company portfolio, they have expanded their business over the year with over a hundred servers that host millions of websites around the world.

Why choose them?

  • Free domain name
  • Around the clock customer support
  • Free website builder
  • SSD database storage
  • Unlimited email service
  • Refund guarantee

Services provided

  • Hosting

They have four primary hosting plans which the users can choose from.

  • Domain name

They provide a free domain name with select plans.


Choose wisely. This list will give you some insight and help you further your decision. And since all of them accept Bitcoin as their paying method, you can be at ease and choose from this list after fixating on the company you are planning to go for.

Go to WebHostingPad


HawkHost main page
Source: HawkHost have been providing reseller hosting, shared hosting, virtual hosting and semi-dedicated hosting for almost a decade. They are quite receptive of the feedback they receive since their executives are active within the forums. Even with automation, has regularized checks on their server health.

Why should you choose Hawk Host?

  • They have a dedicated team of professionals who are monitoring consistently which makes it safer and more secure.
  • All of their plans include around the clock 24/7 back-end customer support.
  • 9 percent Uptime guarantee which is fully backed up with SLA
  • They have been providing such services since 2004 and has an extensive portfolio with a decade worth of experience.
  • You can easily transfer or get a domain name at an affordable price.

Services they provide.

  • Shared Hosting

This service will be offering 24/7 support in cases of migration, SSD powered storage, one-click application installer, Cloudflare optimization, with 99.9% uptime.

  • Cloud Web Hosting

Their data centers are Cloudflare optimized, SSD powered with 24/7 support and regularized up time.

  • Reseller

This service two primary packages i.e. Nestling and Talon.

  • Semi-dedicated Hosting

With two primary packages, they are additionally providing 2CPUs, SSDs, and Network optimized servers. Their semi-dedicated plans are also good for high-performance websites.

Go to HawkHost


thc servers buy hosting with bitcoin
Source: THCHosting has been providing customized user-centric web hosting services for small and big enterprises with over a decade worth of experience.

Why should you choose

  • It is considered to be one of the best in the free hosting industry where you can expect 99.9 percent network uptime with reliable speed and security.
  • Their free website builder can be used to build websites.
  • Around the clock customer support
  • With their Zacky installer, you can install your favorite CMS in just about a minute.
  • It is ad free
  • Free hosting customers as well their customers can use the free short domain name

Services they offer:

  • Free hosting

You can host your website with MySQL and PHP which you can create for free. This package is well suited for blogs, news, and media websites.

  • Shared hosting

This plan is well suited for bigger websites and e-commerce shops, active business ventures et al.

  • WordPress hosting

This is perfect for those who want to start off with a WordPress website. It is currently one of the best systems for content management.

  • Free domain name

A domain name is the single most important thing about your website. You can get up to two free names which again is not limited to domain names like .com, .net, .org et al. Free domain names are also available with shared or semi-dedicated hosting services.

  • Semi-dedicated hosting

This is made to provide support to big websites and it usually houses the biggest e-commerce shops. It is perfect for websites which have larger page amount & traffic.

  • VPS cloud hosting

This service is crafted for those who are looking for the advanced hosting experience. You can get root server accessibility, customized OS support and can avail software installation at your convenience. You will also have the liberty to make updates and maintain individual servers.

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shinjiru bitcoin hosting image
Source: Shinjiru is the number one offshore web hosting provides since the 2000s. Their anonymous and offshore web hosting services are handled with a decade worth of experience. They have about 8 offshore locations with their very own anti-DDoS network, IP addresses, and dedicated servers.

Why should you choose

  • Enterprise-grade hardware from brands like CISCO, INTEL, and DELL.
  • They have eight offshore data centers to offer identity protection, security, and anonymity.
  • 24/7/365 customer support.
  • High-speed network of 100GBPS with Anti-DDoS protection
  • Strongbolt hosting solution for anonymity
  • Anonymous payment methods
  • Certified domain registrar.

Services Offered

  • Domain

The features that come with providing are WHOIS privacy protection, Domain Management, DNS management, Private email, Bulletproof Domain, Domain lockdown, abuse protection, and dual layer WHOIS protection.

  • Web Hosting

They have budget offshore web hosting, strong bolt email hosting, Bitcoin Hosting, WordPress offshore hosting, VPS, VPN, Virtual offshore office, offshore dedicated server, offshore server co-location, VIP managed services, Server OS and control panel, and server add-ons. These are all the services that provides, from which the customers can choose from.

  • Web Protection

This service provides DDOS protection, Anti-hacking protection, SSL certificate, and Site lock.

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orange website accepts bitcoin
Source: OrangeWebsite has been offering top-notch services and secure web hosting solutions globally since 2009. They have clients from 100 different countries. Their web hosting services are providing web hosting services which cater to both professional and beginners alike. Their web hosting is eco-friendly, giving it an edge over its effect on the environment.

Why choose

  • They are providing an ultra-secure hosting solution
  • Superior customer support (24/7)
  • 9 percent uptime
  • 30 days money return policy
  • Anonymity
  • Bitcoin payment availability.

Services offered

  • Web Hosting

Three types of web hosting are offered by them i.e. shared, personal/business and dedicated server hosting. Their shared hosting plans are also protected with DDoS attacks and are secured with proper precautions. Their dedicated servers have superior technology where pre-installed OS can be installed on the go and free of charge too. Their hosting facilities run on 100 percent renewable energy without compromising on higher performance.

  • Domains

A wide variety of domains are available at affordable rates. They are also being able to extend low online censorship and extended privacy in an offshore location. They have consistent pricing which makes them more favorable capital wise. Two-factor security and other advanced features are added blessing for the users using along with anonymity.

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cherry servers
Source: CherryServers

This unique platform supports the open-source community where they are active contributors. They primarily believe that any modern cloud application needs to be vendor-agnostic to be portable so that it runs efficiently where the workload is. They have been catering to small scale businesses where they have offering secure and private cloud infrastructure. The services provided are cost-effective and user-friendly.

Why should you choose

  • Pre-built bare-metal servers which are deployed within a span of 10 minutes, billing per hour basis.
  • Fully customizable servers with bare metal infrastructure at your disposal.
  • Round the clock 24.7 technical support where users can reach out to the engineers through email.
  • Cloud networking services like VP LAN, DDoS protection, traffic packages et al.

The services they offer:

  • Cloud Platform

You can take the full benefits of cheery server bare metal cloud platform to make your IT brand the primary revenue driver. The deployment options are flexible too with pre-built server instances, custom server instances, reserved server instances, and varied payment method including Bitcoin.

  • Elastic Infrastructure

The bare metal cloud provides a secure and private infrastructure to businesses which is user-friendly and simple to use. They have a wide variety of Intel servers which are automated and suited for demanding workloads. The following are the bare metal cloud types that you can avail of: lightweight computer, heavyweight compute, middleweight compute.

  • Networking Services

Their data center grade services for networking caters to small and big businesses alike, also at an optimized price. You can now build on multi-cloud, hybrid or public cloud any time with their powerful secure networking framework. Additional features include: 3Gbps ingress and egress bandwidth, free traffic packages, private VLAN with 10 Gbps speed and trusted data centers place in European data centers with zero points of failure.

  • Support & Security

Their cloud security entails the latest cloud security infrastructure with default DDOS protection, SSH keys, ISO certification, and GDPR complaint.

  • Reseller Program

They are constantly collaborating with their partners and resellers to elevate the competition and spread their revolutionary bare metal infrastructure globally.

Go to Cherryservers

I hope you enjoyed my bitcoin hosting article. I am sure you will find the suitable hosting provider to host your next project by using your bitcoin.

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