Blockchain Has Re-Written Tech Saga Amid Covid-19

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A few months ago we all were living in a perfectly normal world, where we had no time to think about any sudden change in our lives, as we had a feel; everything is under control.

But eventually, it was not, and this was proven with the forceful entry of Coronavirus in our lives, which not just changed the way we lived, but also made a huge difference in the way we access the day-to-day services.

No prize for guessing, but this deadly virus has damaged our economy, caused the loss of lives, and shattered our once used-to-be normal routine to a great extent. However, amid this hullabaloo, one ray of hope that remained intact was caused due to the hands of technology.

Here, we’re referring to one specific technology that is Blockchain!

Surprisingly this technology which was supposed to keep its accuracy towards the financial system only has spread to establish an efficient and transparent healthcare business model, that offered temper-proof services to different sectors to run their operations without any hurdle involved.

Yes, you would be amazed to learn the use of blockchain-enabled platforms to prevent the pandemic to spread its vicious claws. Further, Blockchain-enabled early detection of the pandemic provided a fast-track of drug trials, and much more.

Curious to know more???

Read this post to unleash the benefits Blockchain has brought to different business industries during the pandemic.

How far Blockchain is useful in preventing pandemic?

Blockchain technology helps to provide the relevant information about the transaction in real-time, between relevant parties involved in a secured and immutable manner. But when it comes to talking about the pandemic then there is a constant question that arises that how come a technology like Blockchain, which was supposed to address the woes of financial transactions, can be utilized in controlling the spread of this deadly virus.

Well, the mechanism of this very technology is based on the connection, while sharing real-time information about this communicable disease.

As we all know that every country across the globe is fighting this pandemic through different means. The utilization of Blockchain technology to share the information early on can bring better chances for our world to stay away from any sort of disturbance. The current world is dealing badly with the pandemic technology infrastructure at large, so at any time in the future, we are well prepared to combat the adverse impact of any unseen virus outbreak.

Here, with this post, we have tried to give you a closer look at how COVID-19 could be fought with the invasion of technology. Let’s take a look at those ways.

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Public data tracking 

To control the infectious disease outbreak, it is highly essential to track public data surveillance in the containment zone, and where it is spreading further. With blockchain’s transparency, it becomes an easy task to track and report the efficient response of the spread of the virus and rapidly process data, that enables the early detection of pandemic spread, so the required measures can be taken to get the accurate reporting system to keep a strong check on the virus activity, gives a new way for suspected new cases, and more. 

Track donations 

Amid the pandemic, donations have been given from different corners of the world, and here trust is one of the major issues in this cycle. However, to combat this Blockchain technology has come forward to build that trust, and ensures that millions of dollars donated are being used at the right place. 

It enables donors to see where funds are being used and can see the verification of their contribution being used and received by the needy.

Medical supply chains

One of the most disturbing aspects of the pandemic has been the lack of medical supplies in the remote areas or sending the supplies to required places effortlessly. Due to the virus outbreak, where every service took a halt, it became an unsolved puzzle that could lead to a major breakdown in the healthcare industry.

But to save precious time Blockchain technology came for the rescue and turned out to be beneficial in tracking and tracing medical supply chains. With the help of this very technology it became a comforting journey to review, record, and track demand, supplies, and logistics of epidemic prevention materials. 

It goes without saying but this indeed paved a way to streamline medical supply-chains, letting products be reached to stores and hospitals without any sort of contamination.

Contact tracing

The adoption of contract tracing has been an obvious factor, wherein different countries picked it to monitor the reach of exposure of infected people. And Blockchain has been an incredible support to collect this data about infected people to understand their movements. Also, the information taken needs not to go viral but can be kept private.

Encouraged social distancing

In the absence of no treatment, social distancing is the only treatment available to control the virus spread, and this is where the Blockchain-based system helps in abundance. It lets authorities limit the gathering of people for a longer time, as they can avail of the time-based “movement passes” which further can be utilized to access public spaces. 

Future opportunities

Well, as we all know that the basic fundamental utilization of Blockchain technology is to transfer the ownership and the control of data from one specific centralized resource to another. It facilitates an environment where data can be trusted, verified, and allowed to be shared without any hindrance in-between. This enables organizations to save privacy and collaborate without making any sort of compromise on the data record.

Henceforth, in the near future with the advancement in technology, it is expected that Blockchain shall create a much powerful platform, where its mechanism will benefit a wide variety of industries.

In a nutshell

In the coming months, when our world will get rid of the cluttering impact of COVID-19, we expect to have a better world, where living in the digital world would be a new normal. At the same time, uses of  Blockchain technology shall expand the vision to different industries and service sectors to bring us ease and convenience at the max.

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