BTC.Network Review – A Simple yet Powerful Block Explorer

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Most Bitcoin Explorers have way too many features on their websites delivering a ‘’cluttered environment’’ and bad user experience for those of us who just want to have a quick glance at bitcoin’s price and simply check their transactions.

Even worse, these websites often become really slow – especially when you visit them via a mobile device – downgrading even further user experience.

So today we’re writing this BTC.Network review – a review for a Bitcoin Explorer who is fast, simple, extremely user friendly, and feature only the stuff we actually want to see when we visit a bitcoin block explorer.

BTC.Network Review

So, let’s start with the basics. As we said in the introduction, this bitcoin explorer features a very simple interface which is something I really like.

On the top of the page, there is a clear, big search box where you can search for transactions, blocks, and even search using your bitcoin address (can be found in your bitcoin wallet).

Below the search box, the features a big, clear bitcoin price meter that you can adjust according to the timeframe of your interest. What I like about this meter is that it is big and shows only the three things that most people are interested in. The current price, the difference in the price since yesterday (which is the default timeframe – you can adjust it as you want) and the price’s percentage change.

Further down the page, you can see and explore the latest five mined bitcoin blocks – which are clickable elements.

BTC.Network Review – A Simple yet Powerful Block Explorer 1
BTC.Network’s homepage

Because of the simplicity and the lack of clutter, the BTC.Network Block Explorer is super-fast. It loads blazing fast on my smartphone and this is something I really like about this website.


If you are like me and you prefer simple pages and tools that do the work and are blazing fast, then maybe you should consider giving BTC.Network Bitcoin Block Explorer a try.

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