A case of electronic fraud and theft of cryptocurrencies, worth millions of dollars, is being investigated by the Cypriot Police in Limassol.

The case was reported yesterday to the Financial Crime Investigation Office by a 39-year-old, director of a Belgian technical services company.

According to the 39-year-old’s complaint, on August 6, 2021, he received a message on a messaging platform installed on his computer, which appeared to come from one of his partners.

Through that message, the actual senders allegedly gained access to his computer and later on to the systems and data of its company (registered abroad).

According to the complainant, after gaining access to the data of the company in question, on August 8, a number of cryptocurrencies were stolen from various cryptocurrency wallets (belonging to the company’s clients) the value of which is estimated to be $35,000,000.

According to Cypriot news outlets, members of the police’s cybercrime unit are trying to locate where the cryptocurrencies in question are moving and efforts are being made to block them so that they do not reach other accounts.

As we have been told, they are proceeding with investigations to identify and block them so that they do not turn from virtual to real currency.

As we have been told, the EUR 35 million dollars of cryptocurrencies were split from the hacker’s initial virtual wallet to other virtual wallets and have not yet been redeemed in fiat currency.

The [police’s] first concern is not to make them in cash and to identify where the cryptocurrencies are moving.

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