Elon Musk ‘winks’ at bitcoin – The Tweets with digital currency ‘guru’

Elon Musk

Musk had a very interesting conversation with a staunch supporter of the digital currency about the possibility of converting Tesla’s’ big transactions’ into bitcoin.

The continuous upward rally in bitcoin could not leave Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk “untouched” who seems to be turning his attention to the digital currency.

Musk had a very interesting conversation via Twitter with Michael Sailor, a big supporter of the digital currency [bitcoin], about the possibility of converting “large transactions” – which are recorded on Tesla’s balance sheet – into bitcoin.

In a series of tweets, Sailor, chief executive of Microstrategy, encouraged the billionaire CEO to turn Tesla’s hundreds of dollars of revenue into bitcoin, saying it would make a $100 billion “gift” to shareholders of the US auto giant.

“Other companies listed on the S&P 500 index would follow along and over time the $100 billion will be used to pay for it,” he said. It would be $1 trillion,” Sailor said in a post on the popular social network.

The exchange of messages came after Musk posted an image showing him “flirting” with Bitcoin, whose value has more than doubled this year.

“Are such big transactions possible?” asked Musk in a tweet. Many people assured him that there is, among them Sailor, who said he had bought more than $1.3 billion in bitcoin and offered to share his “strategy” offline.

Bitcoin’s record rise has led investors to claim an increasing share in the cryptocurrency’s rally – even if it means raising its price.

Bitcoin has recorded an upward streak this month, surpassing $23,000 on Thursday, and having surpassed the $20,000 milestone for the first time the day before.

Tesla’s stock, has risen eight times this year.

The profits increased Musk’s fortune by $140 billion dollars, making him the second richest man in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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