Fiat 500e drivers will be Rewarded With Cryptocurrency For Conscious Driving

fiat 500e kiri

Stellantis’ e-Mobility department in collaboration with Kiri Technologies presents a program to reward environmentally-friendly driving.

The app will reward environmentally friendly Fiat drivers by choosing the pure electric Fiat 500 for their movement. As far as the reward is concerned, this will involve the KiriCoin cryptocurrency, which can be used to purchase various goods.

In urban driving, one kilometer is worth about one KiriCoin, i.e. 2 cents. Therefore with an average use of 15,000km. per year, the user will earn about 150 euros.

This is also the basic idea that evolves so that the user increases the profit according to the way he drives.

Through the Uconnect multimedia system and eco: Score mode the driver receives a score of between 0 and 100 for how environmentally friendly it drives.

The best-rated drivers will receive additional special offers from program partners such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify Premium, and Zalando.

This pioneering initiative could only be launched with an equally innovative car as the new electric 500.

With the aura of the legendary 500 of 1957, the new electric 500 offers a pleasant, practical, comfortable, and environmentally friendly automotive solution, as well as an overall ecosystem of products and services.

Capable of autonomous level 2 driving, an advanced multimedia system compatible with both 5G networks and body selection (hatchback, Cabrio, and 3+1), the new electric 500 is the most distinctive city car.

Working with Kiri will allow Stellantis to put three world firsts in the car industry. The first is the ability to collect cryptocurrencies simply by driving a car. The second is access to a range of environmentally friendly products and services, while the third is to provide additional privileges to drivers who follow an environmentally friendly driving mode. Another practical, economically viable, and environmentally friendly initiative of the e-Mobility department of Stellantis.

Neri Giorgio, New 500 Commercial Launch Manager & Fiat e-Mobility Manager

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