FXT Emerging as an Ideal Project to HODL and Earn

FXT Token

March 16, 2021: FXT – running ICO sale for global investors – has garnered a massive amount of attention from media and crypto investors globally. The major factors contributing to its popularity include its low price and high potential to amplify the profits of investors.

FXT is offering its tokens at a very good entry price and the value of the tokens is poised to increase with time. This unlocks an opportunity for investors to multiply their profits over time. FXT holds the potential to replicate the success of Ethereum ICO. Initially priced at $0.311 per coin, ETH has now escalated to $1,817 in value, witnessing a whopping increase of a 584,144% in its price at the time of writing. 

FXT Token: A Single Currency for Payments and Trading

FXT tokens are ERC20 tokens focused on serving as a digital currency for diverse payments and trading. Reinforced with blockchain technology, FXT tokens intend to enable more transparent, quick, secure, and cost-efficient transactions. In addition, FXT tokens are the only tokens for the Forex Trading market, positioning themselves as a distinctive digital currency for a new financial ecosystem. 

The company will create a total of 1 billion FXT tokens and distribute them among potential investors during various processes. Out of these 1 billion FXT tokens, 75% will be distributed during the Private and Public ICO sale; 20% will be given as an incentive to the participants for promoting FXT tokens; and 5% will be reserved by the company to fund various activities such as marketing, maintenance, and other customer support activities. 

An Opportunity to HODL and Earn

Owing to the high potential and low price of FXT tokens, investors are capitalizing on the opportunity to hold their tokens and maximize their profits. 

About the Company

FXT is a crypto-driven company backed by a skilled team comprising seasoned finance officers, investment planners, and technical experts. The company intends to raise funds from its FXT Token ICO. These funds will be utilized to scale the company as well as develop and launch blockchain-based platforms. 

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