Hacker attack on Liquid exchange Results in $80 million Stolen Crypto

hacker with smartphone

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid, was attacked by hackers with about 80 million dollars in digital assets being stolen from the platform.

The exchange confirmed the security breach by tweeting that the addresses of the digital wallets were involved in the breach. The exchange noted that only warm wallets were affected, adding that assets are transferred offline.

Withdrawals and deposits have been suspended at Liquid, with the exchange promising frequent updates as the investigation continues.

While Liquid has yet to confirm how much has been stolen, Cointelegraph has found that more than 107 BTC, 9,000,000 TRX, 11,000,000 XRP, and ETH and ERC-20 tokens worth nearly $80 million seem to have become “prey” to hackers.

It should be remembered that recently there has been the largest in history theft of cryptocurrencies on the Poly Network platform – surpassing 613 million dollars – most of them which have been returned by the same hacker.

Polynetwork seems to be offering him a job as Chief Security Officer.

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