London hedge fund enters cryptocurrencies!

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A London hedge fund allegedly requested permission to trade in the crypto markets and especially for not well-known crypto – Stellar Luna Coin.

That’s news.

Hedge fund from London that manages over a billion British pounds enters the cryptocurrency market. Yes, this market that most traditional fund managers in the world now avoid due to lack of legislation, lack of regulation and large fluctuations in their price.

According to undisclosed resources, family members of one of the firm’s Executive Directors asked for approval to start trading cryptos and they manage to get approval.

Our resources addressed to the firm’s executive director to confirm the information but did not get a response.

The fund reportedly got a “green light” at a difficult time for cryptocurrencies – which have fallen significantly in the past years – to invest in a not well-known crypto called Stellar Luna Coin.

More information on Stellar Luna Coin can be found on Coinmarketcap.

In the first three months alone, hedge funds investing in cryptocurrencies saw the value of their portfolio fall by 52%, according to Hedge Fund Research.

This is because more and more regulators in many countries worldwide have begun to pay more attention to this market, putting restrictions on the fact that it “scammed” investors.

However, funds that have been investing steadily in cryptos since the beginning of 2017 have already made huge profits since the beginning of 2017, with ROI reaching 2,908% (!!!).

Now it seems that the Hedge Fund insiders have information on Stellar Luna coin that we the – little guys – don’t have.

So, the thousand-dollar question is: Should we consider converting some of our crypto’s to Stellar Luna coin? What do you think? Leave your comments below and let us start a conversation.

Image by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay

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