Is VPS hosting ideal for your site?

In web hosting there are various types of hosting, depending on the needs of your website. All websites, when it comes to something completely new without predicting its future development, start with shared hosting.

There they are placed with other websites in the same common server – commonly sharing server resources, memory, cpu, bandwidth, etc.

When the needs grow and the website serves thousands of visitors every day, then an upgrade should be made to the web hosting mode. The next step is called Virtual Hosting – VPS (virtual private server).

What is VPS hosting?

Starting out, let’s be clear about what VPS Hosting is. The initials correspond to the words Virtual Private Server. This is a way of hosting a site that has become quite popular in recent years and is accompanied by full root access and guaranteed resources for CPU, RAM and disk space.

By choosing shared hosting, you share the space of a server with other websites. By choosing VPS hosting, you share the same server, but within it you have your own virtual space and you can manage it autonomously. As you can see, VPS is somehow the previous step from Dedicated Hosting.

Is VPS hosting for you?

Suppose all this sounds interesting to you. Do you really need that kind of hosting? The answer is positive if you have a limited budget and you answer “yes” to the following. It means it’s time to upgrade from a Shared hosting or a Semi-Dedicated hosting package to a VPS hosting package:

1. You have knowledge of server management

VPS is managed via Remote Desktop for Windows VPS & SSH for VPS with Linux, so there is a fairly good level of server management knowledge required. What can make it easier for you to manage VPS is definitely the choice of a Control Panel.

You can choose among the most famous platforms of Plesk and cPanel or even the free Virtualmin, the one that suits you the most! If the above concepts seem difficult to understand, then we do not recommend this kind of hosting.

2. Your website’s is slow

The low loading speed of your pages is an important indication that the space available to you on the common server is not enough for your site to have the best possible performance.

3. Errors often occur

If you see or users report that they are confronted with errors 503, 504, 507, 508. They are signs that the server you are hosting is not enough for all that is running on your site.

4. You’re seeing an increase in traffic.

Whether we’re talking about chat room, forum, or an e-shop that just got more customers, the fact that visitors grew is positive. But to avoid unpleasant surprises like those mentioned above, it is important to be accommodated in a type of hosting, which will help you achieve maximum reliability, such as VPS hosting.

5. Want to launch custom apps

With VPS hosting you have the freedom to modify the provided operating system to adapt it to your own needs. You can configure MySQL, PHP, Apache, for example. You can also host custom applications, which is impossible with Shared or Semi-Dedicated Hosting! You have the control and specifications to achieve high speeds and seamless operation.

Keep in mind that you can buy VPS with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency from various hosting providers like 1Gbits, Hostinger, HostSailor etc and a plethora of other hosting providers.

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