LemonDuck malware targets Windows and Linux systems To Mine Cryptocurrencies

lemonduck malware

LemonDuck is a malware associated with the cryptocurrency mining process that hits Linux and Windows systems. The ways this particular malware spreads are many and varied, so attention needs to be paid.

LemonDuck malware can infect both a Windows-based computer and a Linux PC. It was discovered as a risk arising from users who wanted to start cryptocurrency mining.

A computer can be infected with an email, through a USB device, but also from malicious attacks.

LemonDuck steals credentials, removes security controls, spreads via emails, moves laterally, and ultimately drops more tools for human-operated activity.


Experts warn that LemonDuck malware exploits ”pathogens” and shortcomings that have long existed on Windows and Linux systems and which seem not to have been corrected yet.

According to Microsoft this malware first hit China but appears to have spread to other countries, such as the US, Russia, France, Canada, and several other countries.

Its main objective remains the IT infrastructure of enterprises, but that does not mean that ordinary domestic users are not at risk.

More information about the Lemonduck Malware can be found in TrendMicro and Malwarebytes websites.

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