Nvidia CMP HX: The first series of processors exclusively for cryptocurrency mining

Those who took the time to deal with cryptocurrencies in their early stages, today will probably have fortunes with little initial investment, since Bitcoin’s frenetic run (over $50,000 in value) and the support it finds from large investors has dragged everything else up.

Now, how the gaming industry connects to cryptocurrencies is another story that has to do purely with cryptocurrency mining.

Without going into detail, we will simply mention that cryptocurrency “miners” need (and) powerful graphics processors to “create” virtual currency. This demand has created a huge problem for gamers, who want to get their hands on the new graphics cards, but don’t find them on the market because they are bought quickly and in large quantities by miners.

FUN FACT: Last January, users who mined Ethereum – the second cryptocurrency in marketcap – generated $800 million worth of wealth, which makes it clear why graphics cards disappear from store shelves like hot bread.

Wanting to solve this problem, Nvidia made the big decision to build specialized cryptocurrency mining processors, which essentially take full advantage of the architecture of GeForce RTX and offer the same performance, simply without the features related to gaming.

Nvidia has introduced a new processor, which is not aimed at gamers but at users who mine Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies with a corresponding mining process.

The series is called Nvidia CMP HX, where CMP stands for Cryptocurrency Mining Processor.

At first, 4 Nvidia CMP HX versions will be released with different performances (from 26 MH/s to 86 MH/s), and of course the higher the extraction rate, the higher the energy consumption. The company says they are specially modified to offer the best possible relationship between efficiency and energy consumption during mining.

Nvidia CMP HX: The first series of processors exclusively for cryptocurrency mining
Source: Nvidia.com

It should be noted, however, that Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 offers a mining rate of 100-130 MH/s.

The release of the Nvidia CMP HX series will begin in the second quarter of 2021 and it remains to be seen whether miners will prefer them and leave gamers alone.

Users Will Not Be Able to Remove the Limiter

Nvidia provided more information about the limiter to be contained in the new RTX 3060 cards in order to make them less effective for miners and “inviolable” for exploiting the hash rate.

In an updated statement to PC Gamer, Nvidia said

“end users will not be able to remove the hash limiter from the driver. There is a secure handshake between the driver, the RTX 3060 processor, and the BIOS (software) that prevents the hash rate limiter from being removed.”

The reason for this move is to prevent miners from buying all the best GPUs in order to boost their production, making it more difficult to find and purchase those GPUs. However, it is launching a new GPU series, dedicated to the purpose of cryptocurrency mining.

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