The significant strengthening that cryptocurrencies have recorded in recent times has created a new trend in the insurance market, which, although at first sight seems promising, nevertheless raises a great deal of concern.

According to research published by NYDIG, a technology company that provides financial services in Bitcoin, about half of those who already have life insurance already own digital assets and are now requesting their insurer for more direct and indirect exposure to cryptocurrencies through insurance products.

One of the main findings of the survey is that half of the respondents want to receive all or part of their insurance payments in Bitcoin.

In addition, the survey notes that 75% of respondents expressed at least some interest in learning more about Bitcoin annuities and Bitcoin life insurance, and of those who do not yet have digital data, 55% said they might consider it in the future.

Nearly 4 out of 5 survey respondents also expressed at least some interest in life insurance products that provide indirect exposure to Bitcoin.

Despite the general optimism, however, caused by the rally in cryptocurrencies with impressive returns, there are many voices talking about a bubble and sound the alarm.

You can Read The full Research here

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