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  • Should have used Monero!
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    submitted by /u/BasedInquiry [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • Simon Mikhailovic on Real Vision's "Gold and Bitcoin: The Monetary System's Navigational Beacons"
    "If you are seeking financial independence and privacy for your assets, for your wealth, do you think it's a good idea to have every transaction you perform with your money indelibly and forever recorded in a distributed database, which you do not control, which no one can control, where the... Read more »
  • Moneroju?
    When signing up it ask for access to contacts and all that and audio and video do I say yes or will it mess up my anonymity submitted by /u/andrehicks7570 [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • Any suggested monero wallets for Android mobile ?
    Please help secure open source good reviews all that stuff submitted by /u/andrehicks7570 [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • Psychology of RandomX
    A successful RandomX is very likely a major upgrade to the economics and incentives of mining, a fundamental aspect of any blockchain. But from a tech standpoint Monero will function pretty much the same as before. My speculation is that the psychology of RandomX will have large ramifications for Monero... Read more »

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  • American lawmakers push Facebook to drop Libra and adopt Bitcoin instead
    I may be wrong but I believe Libra Coin is just a Bluff to test and see what peoples reaction to it will be when in reality Facebook will use Bitcoin instead. The 18th Million Bitcoin will be mined Tomorrow. I am a Bitcoin Fanatic and proud to be invested... Read more »
  • Get a slice of the Bitcoin pie.
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    submitted by /u/lou_men [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • Scam artist - please help take him/her down
    This instagram account is claiming to be involved within bitcoin mining and seeking investments for a return of 10% daily profits. The user also showed daily payouts going to his/her current investors. Help me take her down. Profile link is submitted by /u/kody838 [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • Nonprofits explore the newest fundraising frontier: Cryptocurrency
    submitted by /u/humanityroadchris [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • Wandering East London when...
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    submitted by /u/jwickersty [link] [comments]... Read more »