Ticket2lambo: Where Your Coin is Also a Lottery Ticket


Ticket2Lambo is a brand new lottery project, based on the Ethereum blockchain. Every T2L token you own is a ticket in the lottery system.

So not only do you profit from the rising price of the token, but you also have a chance to win big prizes. Just hold the T2L tokens in your Ethereum wallet, and you get to play in the lottery, every time it rolls!

Ticket2Lambo is a project that runs 10 lotteries, in which more than 21 million USDT is given away in prizes. In the last lottery, they even gave away the equivalent of 12 Lamborghini Huracan Spyders!!!

The way this works is, the tokens are split up into 10 tranches of 7.5 million tokens. The price for each tranche is pegged when sold on an exchange, and ranges from 0.10$ in the first lottery, to 0.55$ in the last. This way, the jackpot for each tranche rises significantly.

The software for picking winners runs on independently programmed Python software, and every participant will be able to watch how the winners are picked. You can find all the prizes, and jackpot data on the website under the menu item ”Prize pool”.

So now you might wonder: “what will I do with my T2L tokens after the last lottery, wont they be worthless?”

No, they won’t, because after the last lottery round, the team behind tichet2lambo starts a second project called, Ticket2Moon.

Each T2L token will be swapped on a 1:1 basis for T2M tokens. Your T2L tokens will be burned, and you will be eligible to play in all the coming lotteries, of the Ticket2Moon project (which will have even bigger Jackpots!).

The infrastructure for the Ticket2Moon project is already fully in place, ready to roll as soon as Ticket2Lambo is finished.

Right now the Ticket2Lambo ICO is up and running.

T2L tokens can be bought with either USDT or ETH, on www.ticket2lambo.io. The pre-sale period runs till June 30th, or until all the pre-sale tokens are sold. Unsold ICO tokens will be added in the next lottery tranches. The ICO price for T2L tokens is 0.05$

From July 1st, you can buy T2L tokens on the Bilaxy Exchange (www.bilaxy.com), at a pegged rate of 0.10$ for the first tranche of tokens.

For more info visit: https://www.ticket2lambo.io

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