What is a VPN

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This may be the first time you’ve heard the word VPN. Perhaps behind this are purposes that do not want inviolable data. VPNs are starting to become known but not to the extent required.

But we consider it our duty to inform you.

VPN is an abbreviation of virtual private network. This is a method used to add security and data protection when they travel from your computer until they reach their destination, i.e. the web pages, your company, or the programs you use.

Privacy is increased by using VPN because the user’s original IP address is replaced with one of the VPN provider’s available. This method allows subscribers to obtain an IP address from any city or country that the VPN service offers.

For example, you may be connected from your home in California, but with a VPN, you can look like you live in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, or any other city.

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VPN Security

Security is the main reason why more and more ordinary internet users are choosing to use them, companies have been using VPNs for years. Nowadays, more and more simple methods are being created to monitor data travelling through a network of prying eyes.

You don’t have to be attacked by a hacker to have your data stolen. Anyone who has a relevant computer knowledge, does a google hacking tool search and spends a few hours experimenting is very likely to accomplish what you consider unlikely.

A simple description of vpn is that a firewall (firewall and antivirus) protects the data on your computer, while vpn protects your data when traveling to and from your computer on the internet.

VPNs use sophisticated encryption protocols and secure techniques to channel your data online.

You would all agree that responsible computer users would not dare to connect to the Internet without a firewall and an updated antivirus program. Evolving security threats and ever-increasing use of the internet make a VPN essentially an integral part of security.

A VPN ensures that your data is not lost and that the connection is not compromised, the entire traffic is protected. This is a method of protection that is imperative and should exist for every device connected to the Internet.

Is it legal to use VPN?

Short answer: Yes, it is. In the search we did on the Internet we found no countries that prohibited the use of VPN. Certainly at least in Europe citizens have every legal right to the protection of their personal data.

Even the most repressive countries, such as China or Iran, do not prohibit VPN services. In these countries certainly do not like unlimited and un controlled internet access, allowing a VPN. Even in China, which has the world’s most sophisticated online censorship system, no penalty has been imposed for using VPNs.

Vpn Usage Advantages

  • Your ISP Provider cannot see what you are doing on the internet. They can’t see your data because it’s encrypted. They can’t know which pages you’re visiting.
  • Some VPN’s can act as the ultimate antivirus – firewall before even the data reaches your computer. It will automatically block harmful websites so that your device is not at risk of being infected by viruses or other cyber threats. In addition, pop-ups (advertising pop-ups and similar annoying advertising content) will not appear, or will be greatly restricted.
  • You can use free wireless networks securely. Because the internet connection between your device and the VPN is encrypted. In case a hacker manages to find a way to breach the network the data is secure because it is still encrypted.
  • When you connect to the Internet it looks like you’re connecting from a different country. Serious VPN companies have a plethora of servers available in different countries. Choosing your connection to one of them hides your real IP address and in case someone tries to discover it, they will be shown the address of the VPN server e.g. in the Netherlands and not yours.
  • It gives you access to services that are not available in our country. For example, you can access casinos abroad, blocked betting companies, or the full content of Netflix America to first see episodes of your favorite series through a VPN connection to an American server. 5-second and 2-click process.
  • Download p2p torrents or watch streaming movies e.g. with Popcorn Time. With VPN your data is encrypted, so your ISP Provider (e.g. otenet,forthnet etc)cannot see what you are doing online as well as IP is protected by the VPN provider.
  • It works very easily at the same time as on your mobile phone. VPN such as NordVPN support simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices. Simply download the app for IOS or Android you sign in and surf the internet with anonymity on the go.
  • You can buy VPN with Bitcoin. This adds another level of protection to your personal data since not even VPN knows your real name, address or bank details.

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