• The Simple Reasons Why the Bitcoin Price Will Never Go to Zero
    By CCN.com: This publication recently covered a talk at Davos in which Jeff Schumacher claims the Bitcoin price is on the way to zero. In this article, we discuss two simple reasons why this is an impossibility. As CCN’s Christina Comben writes: Schumacher is a top investor and relative veteran... Read more »
  • Stock Market ‘Deflation’ Could Trigger Bear Market: Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller
    By CCN.com: The US stock market could fall prey to deflation and tumble into a full-blown bear market in 2019. That’s what Yale University professor Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, said at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Shiller says the Dow Jones has been recovering from its... Read more »
  • Newsflash: CBOE Withdraws Bitcoin ETF Application
    By CCN.com: The cryptocurrency community’s best hope for a bitcoin ETF has been dashed, or at the very least delayed, as CBOE has withdrawn its application to list the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust on CBOE BZX Exchange. According to a document published by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on... Read more »
  • Waves Cryptocurrency Rises 20% on Vostok Airdrop Details
    By CCN.com: Waves, the native cryptocurrency token of a blockchain of the same name, led Wednesday’s crypto rally by pounding to gains of more than 20 percent. At 12:00 GMT, the cryptocurrency established an intraday peak at $3.10, up 25.5% from yesterday’s low at $2.47. Overbought, the pair corrected minorly... Read more »
  • Subsisting on Soylent: Government Shutdown Reveals Ugly Truth about America’s Savings Crisis
    By CCN.com: Four weeks into the longest U.S. government shutdown in history, a hidden fact of the American working and middle-class reality has been revealed, with the news that thousands of furloughed federal workers are unable to meet their basic needs after missing as little as one paycheck. The implication... Read more »


  • Blockchain.com Launches New Educational Resource With Bitcoin Cash Report
    Wallet provider Blockchain.com has created a new educational tool to help newcomers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem access information on digital assets. The first report issued on its Blockchain Primers is an introduction to Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Also Read: The Daily: Huobi Downsizes, New OTC Desk to Launch in US Blockchain... Read more »
  • Amid Political Crisis in Europe and America, Cryptos Stay Sluggish, But Why?
    There have been few more volatile years in finance since the banking collapse than 2018 which saw some stocks move more than cryptos and the value of some national fiat money drop by, in some cases, -50% or more. That financial volatility may have translated into political volatility this year... Read more »
  • Bithumb To Use Reverse IPO To Get US Stock Exchange Listing
    The merger is intended to create the first publicly traded crypto exchange in the US. On Tuesday, January 22, Blockchain Industries Inc. announced it had signed a “binding letter of intent” to conduct a reverse merger – also called a reverse IPO – with Singapore crypto company BTHMB HOLDINGS Pte.... Read more »
  • Blockport Allows Bitcoin Deposits, Pursues Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange Model
    Blockport Allows Bitcoin Deposits, Pursues Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange Model Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Blockport has announced that users will be able to deposit bitcoin with the firm, something which hadn’t been possible up till now. But though traders will now be able to transfer bitcoin to Blockport, the funds will actually be... Read more »
  • Nasdaq goes $20M deep in support of enterprise blockchain startup
    Blockchain startup Symbiont has raised a $20m Series B as traditional exchanges from across the world look to capitalize on enterprise solutions leveraging decentralized ledger technology. The startup’s round was led by Nasdaq Ventures and drew support from new investors including Citi, Raptor Group and Galaxy Digital. Symbiont, which will... Read more »

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  • Blockchain.com Launches New Educational Resource With Bitcoin Cash Report
    Wallet provider Blockchain.com has created a new educational tool to help newcomers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem access information on digital assets. The first report issued on its Blockchain Primers is an introduction to Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Also Read: The Daily: Huobi Downsizes, New OTC Desk to Launch in US Blockchain... Read more »
  • Money Transmitter License Not Required for Crypto Businesses in Pennsylvania
    On Wednesday, Jan. 23, the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities (DoBS) published guidance for virtual currency businesses operating in the state. The state’s financial agency has decided a money transmission license for cryptocurrency operations is not required. Also Read: Former Mt Gox CEO Reflects on Incarceration in Japan While Facing... Read more »
  • OTC Desks Proliferate as Volume Shifts From Spot Markets
    While trading volume on the top cryptocurrency exchanges declined dramatically during the second half of 2018, all signs suggest that over-the-counter (OTC) markets are now attracting increasing liquidity, with a number of prominent cryptocurrency exchanges entering the OTC space. Additionally, several major existing OTC desks have recently spoken of experiencing... Read more »
  • The Daily: Huobi Downsizes, New OTC Desk to Launch in US
    In Wednesday’s edition of The Daily we cover a number of developments that show how cryptocurrency exchanges around the world are evolving to attract institutional investors while also adding new services to stay competitive in this bearish market. Also Read: Bitpay Reports Processing Over $1 Billion Transactions in 2018 Huobi... Read more »
  • Governmental Overreach in Developing Nations Will Hasten Hyperbitcoinization
    For bitcoin idealists, the coming utopia for global finance stars bitcoin dismantling the fiat hegemony, empowering citizens to own their money without central bank mediation, and facilitating borderless trade. Credited to Satoshi Nakamoto Institute co-founder Daniel Krawisz, hyperbitcoinization is a term which describes bitcoin coming to dominate the global currency... Read more »


  • Bitfury Releases New Set of Tools Aiming to Push the Adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Network
    CoinSpeaker Bitfury Releases New Set of Tools Aiming to Push the Adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Network Bitfury strives to tackle one of Bitcoin’s eternal issue, limited scalability, with the brand-new toolkit released to boost the user experience of Bitcoin’s lightning network. Bitfury Releases New Set of Tools Aiming to Push... Read more »
  • Coinbase Forays Into Asia Targeting High Volume Businesses with New Trading Services
    CoinSpeaker Coinbase Forays Into Asia Targeting High Volume Businesses with New Trading Services Now Coinbase will provide high-volume clients across the Asian region with its professional trading and custody services. Coinbase Forays Into Asia Targeting High Volume Businesses with New Trading Services Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »
  • 5 Sectors Disrupted by Blockchain that Are Not Cryptocurrency
    CoinSpeaker 5 Sectors Disrupted by Blockchain that Are Not Cryptocurrency Discover what cryptocurrency is, how the blockchain affects industries and learn a few things about cryptocurrency trading in this guest post by Chris Brett, crypto enthusiast and experienced web developer. 5 Sectors Disrupted by Blockchain that Are Not Cryptocurrency Continue... Read more »
  • Pavel Durov Set to Launch His Gram Token and TON Blockchain Platform in March Already
    CoinSpeaker Pavel Durov Set to Launch His Gram Token and TON Blockchain Platform in March Already According to the developers, TON will be released to investors in January. The mainnet launch of Gram is set to commence as early as March this year, with its debut in Japan.  Pavel Durov Set to... Read more »
  • The Much-Anticipated Bakkt Platform Announces High-Ranking Vacancies
    CoinSpeaker The Much-Anticipated Bakkt Platform Announces High-Ranking Vacancies The Bakkt platform is not letting multiple delays cringe their business strategies. They have announced vacant positions targeting to hire experienced and top-ranking executives. The Much-Anticipated Bakkt Platform Announces High-Ranking Vacancies Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »


  • Bitcoin Philanthropy: Indian School Girl Receives Loaded Ledger Wallet
    With the explosion of Bitcoin’s price over the last few years, a lot of early believers suddenly found themselves with more money than they knew what to do with. This has often resulted in tremendous acts of charity from the community. The latest involves a pseudonymous Twitter user who was... Read more »
  • CBOE May Have Withdrawn Bitcoin ETF Filing to Avoid Automatic Rejection
    The advent of a U.S.-based, fully-regulated Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) has long been a hope for crypto’s most fervent dreamers. Yet, these dreams, deemed quixotic by most, was quashed on Wednesday, as reports arose that the foremost cryptocurrency ETF application was withdrawn from the care of the (partially-defunct) U.S.... Read more »
  • Google Security Expert: Crypto is Like Catnip for Cyber Criminals
    In response to increasing security concerns around SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) and the prominence of SIM-swapping schemes targeting crypto investors, Google last year released the Titan Security Key. The Titan Security Key enables advanced 2FA without the need to send a text message that could be intercepted by cyber criminals.... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Liquidity, Pennsylvania, Texas Clarity
    Bitcoin Price likely to bounce above $3,800 Pennsylvania DoBS clarifies that crypto exchanges don’t need MTA licenses to operate Average transactional volumes expected to rise in the short-term After yesterday’s higher highs, Bitcoin is poised to extend their gains today. Gains are low but up from yesterday’s lows meaning our... Read more »
  • Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Steady, Inroads to Mainland China
    Ripple price stagnant but net bullish Chinese University partners with Ripple Average volumes low but projected to rise as XRP demand increase There is progress from the fundamental side of the equation. Prices are stable but on a bullish path while Ripple continues to partner with universities. From the chart,... Read more »

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  • Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Seeking First US Public Listing
    According to a new report, Bithumb – one of the more popular cryptocurrency exchanges, is eyeing a public listing in the US. In order to accomplish this, the company will go through a reverse merger process.  Bithumb to Go Public Singapore-based Bithumb, one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, may become... Read more »
  • John McAfee on IRS Charges, Will Run Presidential Campaign ‘In Exile’
    Serial cryptocurrency entrepreneur and proponent John McAfee shared a video says that the IRS has convened a Grand Jury in the state of Tennessee in order to put him on charges for ‘unspecified’ crimes of felonious nature. However, he will continue running his 2020 Presidential campaign remotely from a boat... Read more »
  • How to CFD Trading British Pound Amidst the Brexit News
    Since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 GBPUSD, EURGBP and other pound sterling forex pairs have been attractive instruments for news traders, who base their strategies on political and macroeconomic events, as well as for the technical traders. In the next two months, things are going to get even better... Read more »
  • What Is the Future of Cryptocurrencies?
    In 2008, the world went through the biggest financial crisis in history. There were multiple causes of the crisis, but the biggest one was the collapse of the housing market, and its subsequent effects on the financial system. Before then, in the United States, banks were lending money to almost... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Won’t Go Quietly, Risk of Rally Grows
    Bitcoin price dumped below the $3,500 support before buyers took a stand against the US Dollar. There are two bearish trend lines formed with resistance at $3,635 and $3,840 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Coinbase). The price may climb higher in the short term... Read more »
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  • Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis: Breakout or Further Decline?
    At the start of the last week on Monday 14th, the price of Stellar XLM was around $0.10445 at the open. From there the price increased to $0.113 at it’s highest point which was the resistance line of the range in […] The post Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis: Breakout or Further... Read more »
  • Beginners Guide to Binance Jersey: Complete Review
    Binance is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges and continues to build an ecosystem that includes a token launch platform and incubator for blockchain projects, various education and research portals, an OTC trading desk, and the Trust Wallet mobile […] The post Beginners Guide to Binance Jersey: Complete Review... Read more »
  • How to Invest in Bitcoin: Complete Beginner’s Guide
    Bitcoin’s arrival into the mainstream was accompanied by massive evaluations of altcoins, a short-lived ICO craze, and many  misunderstandings about the vision and potential of Bitcoin. Over the last year, numerous developments have unfolded that give more access to investing […] The post How to Invest in Bitcoin: Complete Beginner’s... Read more »
  • Coinnest Loses $5 Million in Accidental Bitcoin Airdrop
    According to a report made by CoinDesk Korea, an internal server error that occurred on January 18 caused Coinnest, a crypto exchange platform based in South Korea, to lose millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies. Coinnest said it accidentally sent 6 billion […] The post Coinnest Loses $5 Million in Accidental Bitcoin... Read more »
  • Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Familiar Range With Bullish Signs
    Ripple price dipped below the $0.3175 support and tested the $0.3100 level. XRP recovered sharply and it is currently showing positive signs above the $0.3175 range support. Ripple price bounced back above $0.3175 after a sharp decline to $0.3100. There […] The post Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Familiar Range With... Read more »

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  • Cboe Pulls Its Proposal for SolidX/VanEck Bitcoin ETF
    The Chicago Board of Exchange (Cboe) is pulling the plug on the SolidX and VanEck bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) proposal, adding another twist to a regulatory saga that can’t seem to find an ending.According to a January 23, 2019, statement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the... Read more »
  • Elections Canada Consults With Political Parties on Crypto Donations
    According to Elections Canada, the agency that runs federal elections in Canada, there has been “a growing interest” in cryptocurrency donations. This trend has prompted some political parties to ask for a ruling on how best to manage bitcoin and other cryptocurrency political donations and how to navigate the various... Read more »
  • BloqLabs Introduces Cryptocurrency Mining Management System
    BloqLabs has opened up the beta waitlist for Titan, a fully integrated software suite for managing cryptocurrency mining. The project was introduced by Bloq CEO and co-founder Jeff Garzik onstage during a brief speech at Binance Fair in Singapore in an overview discussion of BloqLabs.Cryptocurrency mining can be profitable but... Read more »
  • Bitfury Rolls Out Lightning Peach, Its Own Suite of Lightning Tools
    Bitfury’s new suite of Lightning products has been released to the public.Lightning Peach, the title of the product bundle, was developed by Bitfury’s Lightning Network team of the same name. It includes a wallet, an e-commerce plug-in, a hardware component for a point-of-sale (PoS) terminal, a Lightning node for the... Read more »
  • Living on Bitcoin Day 6: An Artist, a Dev and a Moon Boy Walk Into a Bar…
    This is the fifth instalment of reporter Colin Harper's "Living on Bitcoin" experience in San Francisco. Find out what happened to him earlier on Day 1 , on Day 2 , on Day 3 , onDay 4 and on Day 5.On day six I woke with a renewed sense of... Read more »


  • VideoInvestigating Scam Allegations Around Apollo Currency
    There are percolating allegations that Apollo Currency is a “pump and dump.” Others claim that one of the project’s co-founders—Stephen McCullah—is a “scam artist,” and that APL is a “massive scam” that is making him “rich.” CryptoSlate explores these allegations and finds evidence of misinformation, claims of sabotage, and a... Read more »
  • South African Reserve Bank: Crypto Asset Friendly, but Bitcoin Is Not Money
    South Africa’s reserve bank released a consultation paper that includes favorable recommendations and guidelines for the crypto asset industry in the country. However, the agency is not looking to treat Bitcoin and other digital currencies as ‘currency.’ On Jan. 16th, The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) released “Consultation Paper on Policy... Read more »
  • Is the KYC Data Hack for Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges Fake News?
    Within the last 48 hours, news (re)surfaced suggesting that know-your-customer (KYC) information from some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges was made available for sale. Yet, there is evidence that this is likely recycled news from over six months ago. On darknet market Dread, a vendor going by ExploitDOT was reported... Read more »
  • Storm Play Launches Long Awaited iOS App for Microtasks
    The popular gamified microtask platform, StormX, has launched their long-awaited iOS app. To celebrate the milestone, Storm Play account holders have the opportunity to win prizes worth $10,000 in BTC, STORM, BNB, or ETH via the company’s Twitter competition. Cryptocurrency Freelancing Storm Play leverages blockchain to “empower the global workforce.”... Read more »
  • Going Beyond Blockchain with Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG)
    If organizations could only augment blockchain’s strengths—its immutability, security, and decentralization—while addressing its latency and scalability issues, it could become the vaunted enterprise tool it was initially intended. That day will soon come courtesy of Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). Blockchain’s premise is straightforward, utilitarian, and more lucrative than that of... Read more »


  • Constellation Labs Focuses on ‘Setting a Foundation’
    The founders of Constellation Labs were initially looking to build a decentralized content platform. But after witnessing the limits of the Ethereum network, they decided to focus on a protocol that would support high-volume content systems. The company raised $14 million in a private token sale earlier this year. More recently,... Read more »
  • There’s a New Art to Putting Picasso on the Auction Blockchain
    Early next year, aficionados of fine art will get the opportunity to own a piece of a rare Picasso, according to organizers of a blockchain fine art investment platform. Although blockchain backers have long touted the idea of using the technology to allow users to purchase fractional stakes in valuable... Read more »
  • ‘Crypto Winter’ Grips the Market as Its Troubles Continue
    The “crypto winter” that has chilled cryptocurrencies and brought them lower plodded on this week as bitcoin (BTC) plunged to fresh lows for the year. The selling frenzy intensified as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week postponed once again its decision on a bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The new... Read more »
  • US Lawmakers’ Bills: CFTC, Work Harder to Stop Crypto Price Manipulation
    Two U.S. congressmen have reached across the partisan divide to introduce two bills to prevent cryptocurrency price manipulation. However, if you’re worried about direct government interference into crypto, relax. These bills from Rep. Darren Soto, a Democrat from Florida, and Rep. Ted Budd, a Republican from North Carolina, ask the... Read more »
  • Kaleido Helping the Enterprise Blockchain to Evolve
    Enterprise blockchain networks are moving beyond what Kaleido cofounder and CEO Steve Cerveny calls “blockchain tourism” and into real-world use cases. The blockchain, adds cofounder and COO Sophia Lopez, is “an opportunity to reimagine these core business processes that haven’t been touched for 30 to 40 years. It’s an exciting... Read more »


  • CBOE has withdrawn proposed rule change for VanEck SolidX Bitcoin ETF
    It was just announced in a statement from the SEC that the Cboe BZX Exchange has withdrawn a proposed rule change that would have allowed for the listing of the highly anticipated VanEck SolidX Bitcoin ETF.The announcement gives no reason as to why the rule change has been withdrawn, though... Read more »
  • UK's FCA proposes guidelines for regulating digital securities, stablecoins
    It is being reported by Coindesk that the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published proposed guidelines on how to define and regulate at least some cryptocurrencies. The regulations effectively cover any coin that can be deemed a security, and possibly stablecoins or any coin that can be shown... Read more »
  • Ethereum Price Analysis January 23: Week after fork delay, struggling with market
    It's been just over a week since the announcement of the delay of Constantinople, the hard fork upgrade coming to the Ethereum network. News of the delay did not seem to hurt Ethereum all that much against the current bear market. Today Ethereum is in a consolidation pattern that closely... Read more »
  • Now Indian banks are making users sign a form swearing they won't purchase crypto
    It is being reported by Bitcoin Exchange Guide that customers of Indian HDFC banks are reporting that they are being asked to explain any previous cryptocurrency related activity as well as sign a consent form stating that they will not purchase any cryptocurrency in the future. Lot of people are... Read more »
  • Charlie Shrem explains why Bitcoin would survive nuclear war
    In a recent blog post written by Charlie Shrem, the early Bitcoin adopter explained that, should we be unfortunate enough to experience nuclear holocaust, Bitcoin would survive as the world’s only financial entity.“If the unthinkable happens, Bitcoin would be a highly durable currency during nuclear war, as compared to fiat currency,... Read more »


  • Blockchain asset fund KR1 invests in data validation project Rlay and Nash Exchange
    CryptoNinjas KR1, the London based blockchain asset investment company today announced their latest set of investments within the blockchain space. First, the team announced that it has invested a total of USD... Blockchain asset fund KR1 invests in data validation project Rlay and Nash Exchange... Read more »
  • Luxochain launches authentication and tracking service of luxury goods on the blockchain
    CryptoNinjas Luxochain, a blockchain-based service combining Near Field Communication (NFC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Fingerprint Authentication (FPA) has announced its launch. Its certified system Block ID, based on blockchain technology, uses a... Luxochain launches authentication and tracking service of luxury goods on the blockchain... Read more »
  • ATOM Group launching blockchain asset exchange powered by London Stock Exchange tech
    CryptoNinjas ATOM Group (ATOM), a Hong Kong-based global fintech company today announced that its AAX digital asset exchange is adopting the institutional-grade technology from London Stock Exchange Group Technology (LSEG Technology). AAX is... ATOM Group launching blockchain asset exchange powered by London Stock Exchange tech... Read more »
  • Blockchain Foundry to build Syscoin onramp for crypto exchange Bitbuy
    CryptoNinjas Blockchain Foundry, the blockchain development company and lead on the Syscoin blockchain application platform today announced a strategic partnership with Bitbuy, a cryptocurrency exchange for Candian users, founded in 2013. The... Blockchain Foundry to build Syscoin onramp for crypto exchange Bitbuy... Read more »
  • ConsenSys, Magic BlockchainQA to be early integration partners for MythX API
    CryptoNinjas Magic BlockchainQA, a blockchain technology development solution from Magic Software and ConsenSys, the Ethereum venture studio, today announced a strategic partnership to have exclusive early access to MythX tools suite and... ConsenSys, Magic BlockchainQA to be early integration partners for MythX API... Read more »

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  • Deutsche Bank in Feds Spotlight for Massive Danske Scandal
    Germany’s Deutsche Bank, told media on Wednesday that a number of regulators and law enforcement agencies had contacted it for information pertaining to the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Federal Reserve over alleged links for aiding money laundering operations for the Estonian Branch of Denmark’s Danske Bank. Monitoring By Deutsche... Read more »
  • Crypto Exchanges, Among Others, Not Money Transmitters: Pennsylvania
    The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities (DoBS) has issued a document stating the true meaning of the Money Transmitter Act (MTA) in response to queries received from various entities engaged in cryptocurrency-related activities. In the document dated Jan.23, the state’s DoBS elucidated on the topic of cryptocurrency, saying that as of... Read more »
  • New Hong-Kong Exchange to Use LSEG Matching Engine Tech.
    In a recent development, the Millennium Exchange matching engine technology, owned by the London Stock Exchange Group’s technology solutions provider, LSEG Technology, will be used by a new Hong-Kong Exchange for operating their trading platform. LSEG Technology announced the news on Jan.22 via a press release. The launch is scheduled... Read more »
  • Dutch Authorities May Bring Crypto Firms Under Licensing Scheme
    Two top Dutch financial bodies, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), are considering to make it mandatory for crypto service providers to apply for a licence to prevent money laundering and financing of terror organizations. In a report published jointly by the 2 financial... Read more »
  • Airdrop of Bitcoin Costs South Korean Crypto Firm Coinzest $5 Million
    South Korea’s crypto exchanges have had a rough start to the new year, with the latest entry into the infamous list being Coinzest. Coinzest is reported to have mistakenly airdropped cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, to some of its users due to a server error. The mistake supposedly took place when the... Read more »


  • Hopes Dashed as VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF Proposal Withdrawn
    In breaking news, the VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposal has officially been withdrawn by Cboe BZX and VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust. The proposal would have established the first ever cryptocurrency ETF, a major win for the industry as a whole and opening the potential for greater institutional investment. The... Read more »
  • VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF Won’t Just Skate Through as US Government Shutdown Continues [Updated]
    The political clash between President Donald Trump and the Democrats has led to the shutdown of some US government agencies. As a result, the VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could be approved by default — if the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is unable to reach a timely decision. Update... Read more »
  • Tencent to Enter the Crypto World Through the Back Door
    The Chinese gaming giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, might soon become the owner of the holding company of its South Korean rival Nexon, which has a controlling interest in the Bitstamp and Korbit cryptocurrency exchanges. What’s Going On At the beginning of January, the owner and the founder of the South... Read more »
  • Are Coinstar Machines Transforming into Bitcoin ATMs?
    On Jan 17, 2019, Coinstar announced a partnership with Coinme, a Bitcoin ATM company. Over the next few days, Coinstar machines began selling Bitcoin vouchers which can be redeemed using Coinme’s website and wallet — potentially integrating Bitcoin into new public spaces and offering a route by which mass adoption... Read more »
  • Justice Department Ruling May Be a Death Knell for Crypto Gambling 
    The cryptocurrency-centric online gambling world shuddered under the recent announcement that the Justice Department (DoJ) would apply the 1961 Wire Act to all online gambling. Previously, the Act was understood only to apply to online interstate sports betting based on a 2011 ruling. The new application of the law will... Read more »


  • Trade by Trade Review | Crypto Exchange 2019
    About Trade By Trade Trade By Trade is an exchange which offers only crypto trading, while it also provides the option of margin trading. The platform has quite a wide listing, supporting over 60 digital coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero, and DigiByte. It appears that Trade... Read more »
  • Linux Foundation Backed Blockchain Project— Hyperledger, Announces New Project— Hyperledger Grid
    The Hyperledger multi-project open source collaborative effort, hosted by the Linux Foundation has recently announced the initiation of a new project targeted at building a supply chain solution. The project called Hyperledger Grid will help accelerate the development of blockchain-based solutions to cross-industry supply chain problems. The Hyperledger Grid Framework... Read more »
  • Contemplating How Cryptocurrency is Disrupting the Future of Wealth Management: UCIM
    “The speed that we are going with at blockchain is phenomenal”, exclaimed the CryptoFund advisor and manager, Rennie S, as he initiated an elaborate discussion on the “Future of Wealth Management with Cryptocurrency” at UCIM. The United Conference of Internet Money kicked off on a two-day sojourn at the blockchain... Read more »
  • Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union Announces Plans for Ripple’s xRapid
    Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, a wholesale financial institution that provides a range of services to 1,400+ credit unions in the US, recently revealed its strategy for the future. The company announced plans to join the growing number of financial institutions using Ripple’s cross-border payment solution, xRapid. xRapid provides a... Read more »
  • How to Prevent Being Scammed in the Blockchain
    There’s no doubt that the blockchain has proved it is indeed a groundbreaking technology, especially in the last couple of years. However, the blockchain, and the crypto sphere, to be more precise, have always been plagued by various types of scams, frauds, hacks, and what not. Even though ICO scams,... Read more »

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  • No Bitcoin ETF: Cboe Withdraws Proposed Rule Change to List Bitcoin ETF
    Cboe have withdrawn their proposed rule change to list shares of the SolidX Bitcoin Shares issued by the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust. The notice was published today to the SEC’s website, stating that BZX withdrew the proposed rule change yesterday, January 22, 2019. The reasoning for the withdrawal is not yet known,... Read more »
  • TRX Price Analysis: Tron Continues Outperformance as Resistance Approaches
    With the exception of Bitcoin Cash, the price of Tron has appreciated the most out of the top ten cryptocurrencies today. The price pattern forming for Tron continues to be bullish with its price successfully forming a higher high. The price is now trading close to resistance at $0.028 and has already... Read more »
  • Ripple’s XRP Price Analysis: Trend Direction Unclear as Three Doji Candles Form
    Ripple’s XRP is forming its third consecutive Doji candle today on the daily chart. A Doji candle is a candle where the open and close are around the same point and typically reflects uncertainty from traders. The market leader Bitcoin has also been forming a Doji for today’s daily candle.... Read more »
  • Bitcoin [BTC] Analysis: Price Consolidates as Traders Show Uncertainty
    The price of Bitcoin has been consolidating today around an important liquidity point. The daily candle is forming a Doji candle as a result. A Doji candle is a candle that has the open and closes around the same point. A Doji typically reflects uncertainty from the side of traders.... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange BTHMB Is Set to Go Public in the US Via a Reverse Merger
    One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is aiming to be publicly traded in the US. Singapore-based BTHMB is planning to buy a publicly traded company as part of an unconventional route for entering the US market. On Tuesday, Blockchain Industries, which is publicly listed and traded on US... Read more »


  • New Indicators Show Bitcoin Gearing up for Short-Term Rally
    The GTI Global Strength Technical Indicator for Bitcoin is suggesting that Bitcoin’s price could be stabilizing and could even be heading towards a short-term rally, Bloomberg reported on January 22, 2019. Bitcoin’s Price Approaches Oversold Despite the overwhelmingly negative predictions made about the cryptocurrency market, it seems that the new... Read more »
  • Dutch Bank Inks Five-Year Deal With R3
    ING and R3 announced on January 22, 2019, that they have entered into a five-year deal that gives ING rights to the use of R3’s Corda platform across their business operations. Corda Goes Global According to a January 22, 2019 statement, ING, a Dutch Bank, and R3 have entered into... Read more »
  • London Stock Exchange’s ‘Matching Machine’ to Be Deployed on Hong Kong-based Crypto Exchange
     On January 22, 2019, it was announced that the Millennium Exchange matching engine used by the London Stock Exchange would be deployed for the first time on a cryptocurrency exchange, namely AAX, an upcoming Hong Kong-based exchange. Matching the New World A January 22, 2019 press release announced that AAX,... Read more »
  • Coinbase still Long on Bitcoin as CEO Investigates Details for Creating Value
    There are many cryptocurrency traders, investors, and enthusiasts that might have grown tired of Bitcoin price predictions, given the fact that the markets are so volatile. For example, Tom Lee of Fundstrat Advisors, who has frequently appeared on popular media platforms such as Bloomberg and CNBC, gave various incorrect predictions... Read more »
  • B2C2 Now Offering Clients Point-and-Click OTC Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash Trading Execution
    B2C2, a leading cryptocurrency over-the-counter (OTC) liquidity provider for digital assets exchanges and financial institutions, has announced its streaming pricing feature aimed at enabling OTC traders to carry out “point-and-click” trading execution, according to a Business Wire press release on January 21, 2019.   OTC Traders’ Orders Executed in Real... Read more »

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