April, 18, 2019


  • Bet on It! Mueller Report Will Unleash Next Wild Trump Tweetstorm
    By CCN — Here’s a safe bet: Now that Attorney General William Barr has published a redacted version of the Mueller report, social media addict Donald Trump is going to tweet about it. Here’s a more interesting wager: How many times? Political junkies can capture a piece of that action... Read more »
  • Pinterest IPO Soars to $12 Billion Valuation as Uber Looks on, Licking Its Chops
    By CCN: Pinterest priced its IPO at $19 a share, as reported by CNBC, exceeding the once lowered $15-$17 range provided by the online pinboard company.  Pinterest could have gone bigger, as investor demand for the shares has already sent the new stock soaring in the market debut. Pinterest, which... Read more »
  • Mueller Report Exposes WikiLeaks’ Secret Twitter Chats with Trump Jr.
    By CCN: The Mueller Report is here, and while there are many frustrating redactions, there are plenty of exciting tidbits for the talking heads to chew on. Among the juiciest bits is evidence that Donald Trump Jr. did have direct contact with WikiLeaks. This should draw attention back to comments... Read more »
  • Manhattan DA Indicts Dark Web Drug Dealers for Laundering $2.3 Million in Bitcoin
    By CCN.com: The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office indicted three men for allegedly laundering $2.3 million in crypto by using debit cards pre-loaded with bitcoin and withdrawing large amounts of cash at ATMs in New York and New Jersey. The trio was also charged with operating bogus storefronts on the dark... Read more »
  • Donald Trump Rings Death Knell for Lefty Media: CNN Eyeballs Plunge 47%
    By CCN: The fake news spun by the mainstream media regarding President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia has seen viewers abandon left-leaning news outlets in staggering numbers, with CNN and MSNBC suffering more than their conservative counterpart Fox News over the past year. CNN’s primetime viewership crashed by 47%,... Read more »


  • Grassroots Economics Using Community Currency To Help Kenya’s Underbanked
    Economist Will Ruddick of Grassroots Economics developed the Sarafu Network to allow Kenyans to swap digital currency via a smartphone app. The network is intended to bring financial services to those who traditionally lack access to them. Read the full article here. Grassroots Economics Kenya Digital Currency Sarafu Network Will... Read more »
  • Former SWIFT chief KO’s Ripple staffer in thrilling war of words
    Rumblings were felt at The Paris Blockchain Week Summit on Wednesday, as Ripple faced off against its hated rival, the payments giant SWIFT. Ripple believes that it has been in a bitter struggle with SWIFT for years. Both offer platforms that handle cross-border transactions. SWIFT is the global benchmark; Ripple... Read more »
  • Study: Cryptocurrency Adoption Increasing with Endowment 94% Adoption Rate
    A new study conducted by Global Custodian, The Trade Crypto, and BitGo in Q4 2018 shows that 94% of endowments have either direct or indirect cryptocurrency investments, which signals that cryptocurrency adoption is gradually increasing. The study was comprised of 150 endowments, of which 89% were in the United States... Read more »
  • This Startup Could Sell You Crypto Tokens—With SEC Backing
    Initial coin offerings have gotten a bad rap—in many cases, deservedly so. Sure, there were blockchain projects with sound dreams and solid business plans. But as the bitcoin bubble swelled in late 2017, ICOs became synonymous with predation: get-rich-quick schemes that involved taking money from anyone who was willing, in... Read more »
  • Electrum Wallet Users Should Beware The Phishermen
    Researchers at Malwarebytes break down the phishing attacks on the Electrum bitcoin wallet. The cybersecurity firm outlines the two methods used to carry out phishing attacks, where the stolen crypto seems to be going, and how investors can protect themselves from future attacks. Read the full article here. Electrum Bitcoin... Read more »

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  • PR: MoneyToken Launches VIP Services for Big Crypto Investors
    Some great news today for all crypto-holders and investors: top crypto-lending platform MoneyToken has just released a unique VIP Customer Service Program for major asset holders and institutions. MoneyToken’s VIP clients gain exclusive access to their own Personal Manager who will provide them with a 24/7 high-quality service and access... Read more »
  • Darwinos Burger Joint Hosts Colombia’s Second Point of Sale and Crypto ATM
    Three months, ago news.Bitcoin.com reported on Panda Exchange launching a hybrid point-of-sale (PoS) and cryptocurrency ATM in Bogotá, Colombia. Since then, the Panda team has also helped Athena Bitcoin install a crypto ATM in Cúcuta, Colombia to serve as a crypto gateway for Venezuelans. On April 17, Panda announced the... Read more »
  • G20 Prepares to Regulate Crypto Assets – a Look at Current Policies
    Following their joint declaration committing to regulate crypto assets, the G20 countries are now preparing to set crypto policies at the upcoming summit. Several international organizations have contributed resources and are actively working to help shape the regulations. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Postpones Crypto Case at Government’s Request G20... Read more »
  • Coin Time Machine Estimates Profit From Crypto Investments You Could Have Made
    Cryptocurrency prices, which have seen a significant increase since the beginning of April, have again awoken FOMO emotions in the crypto space. If you’d like to know how much profit you would have made if you’d bought certain coins right before the spike, there’s a simple tool that will perform... Read more »
  • Ongoing Effort to Free Ross Supported by 100 Eminent Organizations and Individuals
    Ross Ulbricht’s clemency petition is closing in on 160,000 signatures stemming from individuals asking U.S. President Donald Trump to pardon Ulbricht. In addition to the vast number of signatures, roughly 100 eminent organizations and well known figures have supported Ulbricht’s effort, many of whom have written a statement on Ulbricht’s... Read more »


  • DELTA Summit 2019 Promises to Be the Crown Jewel of Global Tech Events
    Coinspeaker DELTA Summit 2019 Promises to Be the Crown Jewel of Global Tech Events Malta is leading the charge in blockchain and DLT technology and is positioning itself as a global hub for digital innovation. DELTA Summit 2019 Promises to Be the Crown Jewel of Global Tech Events Continue reading... Read more »
  • Rakuten and Techrock Partner for Anti-Counterfeit Blockchain-Based Solution
    Coinspeaker Rakuten and Techrock Partner for Anti-Counterfeit Blockchain-Based Solution Rakuten, the leading Japanese e-commerce giant, has partnered with Techrock, blockchain-based supply chain and e-commerce company, in an initiative to bring verifiably authentic Japanese consumer goods to the Chinese market. Rakuten and Techrock Partner for Anti-Counterfeit Blockchain-Based Solution Continue reading at... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Back Up
    Coinspeaker Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Back Up The major crypto is rising again, trading around $5,254.28 on April 18. Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Back Up Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »
  • Microsoft, IBM, Ethereum Group, and Others Join to Drive Enterprise Crypto Adoption
    Coinspeaker Microsoft, IBM, Ethereum Group, and Others Join to Drive Enterprise Crypto Adoption The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced the launch of a blockchain-neutral Token Taxonomy Initiative which includes, some prominent names as are Microsoft, IBM, and J.P. Morgan Chase. Microsoft, IBM, Ethereum Group, and Others Join to Drive Enterprise... Read more »
  • Meet UBLEX: New Global Crypto Exchange Is Already Here
    Coinspeaker Meet UBLEX: New Global Crypto Exchange Is Already Here The new global crypto exchange UBLEX launched in March has announced the opening of the USDT and BTC exchange markets. Meet UBLEX: New Global Crypto Exchange Is Already Here Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »


  • Bitcoin Price Goes 123 Days Without New Lows, Bull Market Ahead?
    Bitcoin investors are ready to call $3,100-area a bottom as the cryptocurrency continues its upward trend. The Rythm Trader noted that bitcoin had gone 123 days without posting fresher lows, which brought up its total gains since December close to 65 percent. The famous market analyst considered it as a... Read more »
  • Ripple (XRP) Jumps 4% After a Month-Long Bearish Action – What’s Next?
    Ripple’s XRP token is among the worst best-performing cryptocurrency in the top ten. The coin has returned a mere 4.44 percent profits to its investors in the last 90 days. And those who purchased it 30-days back are looking at 18.45 percent losses already. But that has not deterred traders... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Could Trade At $5,200 For Weeks, Here’s Why It’s Good For BTC
    On Wednesday, Bitcoin (BTC) embarked on a slight rally, moving from its local support at $5,200 to higher levels as most other crypto assets, like Ethereum, XRP, Tezos, and Binance Coin, rallied strongly. As of the time of writing, BTC has found itself at $5,300, posting a 1% gain in... Read more »
  • No, Bitcoin (BTC) Won’t Take 22 Years To Pass $20,000 Again
    Mainstream media isn’t known for its accurate, in-depth, or optimistic coverage of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies at large. Earlier this month, as BTC popped above $5,000 for the first time since November 2018, respected business news outlets falsely covered this industry en-masse. Some publications, like CNBC, attributed the move to... Read more »
  • Binance Targets Ethereum Users For its Own Blockchain, Is ETH Next For Delisting?
    The world’s dominant crypto exchange, Binance, has been in the headlines for most of the week following its decision to delist a major cryptocurrency. The debate as to whether this was the righteous thing to do to rid the ecosystem of a bad actor, or it was a kick in... Read more »

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  • How Long Will It Take for Bitcoin to Fully Expand?
    Some analysts are claiming that it may take years for bitcoin and its crypto-cousins to reach their all-time highs once again. Bitcoin Is on the Move, but for How Long? As we all remember, bitcoin shot up to roughly $20,000 in December of 2017. At that time, the currency seemed... Read more »
  • EOS Price Looks Set To Start Fresh Increase To $6.00
    EOS price corrected lower and tested the $5.05-5.07 support area against the US Dollar. The price is slowly moving higher and it could accelerate if there is an upside break above $5.70. There is a key ascending channel forming with support at $5.40 on the 4-hours chart of the EOS/USD... Read more »
  • UBLEX, Digital Asset Finance Platform, Launches USDT – BTC Exchange Market
    The global cryptocurrency exchange UBLEX (www.ublex.com) officially announced the opening of the USDT and BTC markets on April 16. UBLEX launched exchange service last month to become the world`s leading crypto-based financial asset platform where investors around the world can easily trade and manage their own digital assets. Opening the tether... Read more »
  • Litecoin (LTC) Price Setting Up For Crucial Bullish Break?
    Litecoin price is trading nicely above the $75.00 and $75.20 support levels against the US Dollar. LTC price recovered above $80.00 and tested the $84.50 resistance area recently. There is a crucial bearish trend line in place with resistance at $82.50 on the 4-hours chart of the LTC/USD pair (data... Read more »
  • Crypto Exchanges Everywhere Are Listing New Coins
    Cryptocurrency exchanges everywhere are revamping themselves with several additional coin listings. Crypto, Crypto Everywhere Cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream. There’s no sense in denying this, and with the recent crypto bull run beginning in early April, we’re witnessing more listings and attention being devoted to bitcoin and its altcoin cousins.... Read more »


  • Reuters Report: Large Corporations & VCs are Pouring Money into Crypto Startups
    Despite the 2018 bear market, large corporations and venture capitalists are still continuing to pour investments into cryptocurrency startups. The established trend for many of these companies is to support startups building important protocols around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. However, […] The post Reuters Report: Large Corporations & VCs are... Read more »
  • Augur (REP) Price: Increased 19% from Yesterday, Will it Keep Going?
    From yesterday the cryptocurrency market has increased from $175,836,935,727 at its lowest point to around $180B level which was interacted with on today’s high. This increase is a continuation of the minor uptrend which started on Monday when the evaluation […] The post Augur (REP) Price: Increased 19% from Yesterday,... Read more »
  • Binance Coin (BNB) Price Rallies To New 2019 High: More Gains Possible
    Binance coin price surged more than 6% today and broke the $20.60 resistance area. Bitcoin’s positive sentiment helped BNB price in gaining strength and it may continue to rise towards $21.50 or $22.00. Binance coin traded to a new 2019 […] The post Binance Coin (BNB) Price Rallies To New... Read more »
  • Rakuten Opens Selective Registration for Its Cryptocurrency Wallet
    Japanese e-commerce platform Rakuten has begun processing applications for account opening on Rakuten Wallet, its newly-launched crypto wallet platform, per an official release. In the release, Rakuten, which is seen by many across the industry as the Japanese equivalent of […] The post Rakuten Opens Selective Registration for Its Cryptocurrency... Read more »
  • Coinbase Expands Services in Asia & South America & Lists Augur REP
    Watch out Binance — America’s top cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is going full-steam ahead in its global expansion efforts. That reality was highlighed anew this week as the crypto trading platform announced opening crypto-to-crypto trading services in 11 major international locales. […] The post Coinbase Expands Services in Asia & South... Read more »

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  • Five Years in the Making, Bisq Exchange Launches Its Bitcoins DAO
    Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are one of crypto's more novel and ambitious applications — one that Bitcoin, until recently, has had nothing to do with.In practice, they're a bit younger than Bitcoin forks and older than smart contract-focused blockchains. The idea is that you can devise a decentralized governance system... Read more »
  • Coinbase Provides Wider Support for Crypto-to-Crypto Conversions
    Crypto exchange platform Coinbase has announced that it will be expanding its crypto-to-crypto trading service to more countries.In the announcement, Coinbase explains that cryptocurrencies are in a transition period, which will see them move from being investment options to utilities. According to the exchange, the enablement of crypto-to-crypto conversions will... Read more »
  • Winklevoss Twins Reach Settlement With Charlie Shrem
    The Winklevoss twins reached a settlement with Charlie Shrem on April 16, 2019, declaring that their case against him has been dismissed with prejudice and will not be reopened.The twins, who founded the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, originally sued Shrem, the founder of early bitcoin company BitInstant, in November 2018, alleging... Read more »
  • Cartoon: Distorting Mirrors
    To many on the outside, the blockchain industry and speculative crypto markets are one and the same, which often leads to misunderstandings. For the two entities that regulate the market, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the result is that they tend... Read more »
  • Microsoft Azure Now Supports RSK Smart Contracts
    RIF Labs has announced the integration of its public blockchain, RSK Smart Contracts, on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace. The RSK Smart Contract Network is an open-source platform that seeks to extend the functionality of Bitcoin using smart contracts and the Azure Marketplace is an app store for Microsoft’s cloud computing service.Prior... Read more »


  • Judge Dismisses Winklevoss Lawsuit Against Charlie Shrem
    Judge Jed Rakoff of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed the Winklevoss case against Charlie Shrem in which the twins allege Shrem stole $26 million worth of cryptocurrency. The judge said a settlement was reached, though details of the settlement are confidential. Either party... Read more »
  • Grassroots Economics Using Community Currency To Help Kenya's Underbanked
    Economist Will Ruddick of Grassroots Economics developed the Sarafu Network to allow Kenyans to swap digital currency via a smartphone app. The network is intended to bring financial services to those who traditionally lack access to them.... Read more »
  • Research Shows Big Corporations Investing In Blockchain While Shunning Crypto
    Research conducted by PitchBook reveals that investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups by venture capitalists have reached $850 million in the first four months of 2019. However, corporations such as the London Stock Exchange Group and Microsoft are still unwilling to invest directly in cryptocurrency.... Read more »
  • Binance Moving Off Ethereum
    Binance has released details of its plans to move its BNB token off the Ethereum platform and onto its own blockchain dubbed Binance Chain. BNB tokens will be activated on Binance Chain on Tuesday, April 23, though the timeline is subject to change.... Read more »
  • Binance Hoping To Entice Ethereum Projects To Its Own Blockchain
    Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is encouraging developers working on the Ethereum platform to bring their projects to Binance Chain. CZ is hoping the firm's longevity and influence will convince developers to make the move.... Read more »


  • Ocean protocol announces initial exchange offering (IEO) with Bittrex, but some traders are not happy
    Ocean Protocol, a Singapore-based blockchain-powered data sharing platform, announced an initial exchange offering (IEO) with Bittrex. The exchange said the offering will begin on Apr. 30, with only verified Bittrex International users able to participate. However, on Twitter, the news was mostly met with skepticism. Bittrex Gets Another IEO in... Read more »
  • Bullish signal suggests the bottom is in for bitcoin, says technical analyst
    A trading indicator in the bitcoin markets suggests the bottom may be in, according to one technical analyst. The two-week MACD of bitcoin crossed into a buy signal on Apr. 1st, the first time since May 11th, 2015, the bottom of the market before it exploded in 2016-2017. Technical analyst... Read more »
  • ArcBlock tackles blockchain scalability by leveraging decentralized cloud computing
    ArcBlock has recently released the next milestone in its roadmap—ABT Node, which combines the worlds of cloud computing and decentralized blockchains. CEO Robert Mao and marketing lead Matthew McKinney describe the new update in an interview with CryptoSlate. ArcBlock is building a platform for connecting protocol-level blockchains, similar to Polkadot... Read more »
  • Cardano debuts IOHK Summit in Miami as new Shelley specifications released
    The specifications for Shelley, Cardano’s newest update that aims to bring “full decentralization” to the platform, was finally revealed. IOHK, the company behind Shelley, announced the key specifications that deal with everything from the design for the delegation and incentive mechanism to ledger rules. Cardano Makes Big Announcement Ahead of... Read more »
  • World’s 250th most visited website reveals BAT contributions—analysis whether Brave browser can replace ads
    The Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based non-profit digital library—reported receiving $2,500 in Basic Attention Token (BAT) tips. The browser’s micro-donations feature has also been endorsed by several other major websites, which could mean a web driven by ads and the sale of user data could become a thing of the... Read more »


  • Is the Crypto Market the Place to Be During a Recession?

    Nervous investors might look to crypto as a safe haven when the U.S. starts to slip into another recession. That’s the feeling among a group of cryptocurrency market participants who have been eyeing the ongoing chatter about a forthcoming recession with interest. Last month, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen weighed... Read more »
  • Constellation Labs Focuses on ‘Setting a Foundation’
    The founders of Constellation Labs were initially looking to build a decentralized content platform. But after witnessing the limits of the Ethereum network, they decided to focus on a protocol that would support high-volume content systems. The company raised $14 million in a private token sale earlier this year. More recently,... Read more »
  • There’s a New Art to Putting Picasso on the Auction Blockchain
    Early next year, aficionados of fine art will get the opportunity to own a piece of a rare Picasso, according to organizers of a blockchain fine art investment platform. Although blockchain backers have long touted the idea of using the technology to allow users to purchase fractional stakes in valuable... Read more »
  • ‘Crypto Winter’ Grips the Market as Its Troubles Continue
    The “crypto winter” that has chilled cryptocurrencies and brought them lower plodded on this week as bitcoin (BTC) plunged to fresh lows for the year. The selling frenzy intensified as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week postponed once again its decision on a bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The new... Read more »
  • US Lawmakers’ Bills: CFTC, Work Harder to Stop Crypto Price Manipulation
    Two U.S. congressmen have reached across the partisan divide to introduce two bills to prevent cryptocurrency price manipulation. However, if you’re worried about direct government interference into crypto, relax. These bills from Rep. Darren Soto, a Democrat from Florida, and Rep. Ted Budd, a Republican from North Carolina, ask the... Read more »

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  • Time to reimagine your stock exchange with blockchain
    Time to reimagine your stock exchange with blockchain This exchange operates just like any other stock exchange in the world, in a sense, it is centralized, expensive and limited in transparency. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • Bitmain announces the launch of next-generation 7nm ASIC chip
    Bitmain announces the launch of next-generation 7nm ASIC chip Crypto mining giant Bitmain announced on Monday its latest and next generation 7nm ASIC chip BM 1397. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • QuadrigaCX transactions tied to dark web, says research
    QuadrigaCX transactions tied to dark web, says research The research found that QuadrigaCX obtained funds from several illegal sources BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • Any use case of Ethereum no longer exists, says Craig Wright
    Any use case of Ethereum no longer exists, says Craig Wright The alleged creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright is at it again calling Ethereum a rip off Bitcoin and saying that it has got no use cases. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • Tron [TRX] rides on bullish momentum as the market turns green
    Tron [TRX] rides on bullish momentum as the market turns green Tron [TRX] rides on bullish momentum as the market experiences a reversal in fortunes and turns into a sea of green, with gains across the board. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »


  • Distributed Technologies Research launches testnet for Unit-e payments network
    CryptoNinjas Distributed Technologies Research (DTR), a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland that funds research and development of distributed technologies, announced today the launch of the alpha testnet for its first project, Unit-e, a globally scalable decentralized payments network. Thirdhash, the dedicated development team for... Distributed Technologies Research launches testnet for... Read more »
  • Cardano (ADA) blockchain explorer developed by EMURGO set for release
    CryptoNinjas EMURGO, the commercial arm of Cardano – the first third-generation blockchain to evolve out of a research-first driven approach, has announced today the upcoming release of Seiza, an EMURGO-developed Cardano blockchain explorer that will include more features than any other currently existing blockchain... Cardano (ADA) blockchain explorer developed by... Read more »
  • GeoDB surpasses funding target to support the expansion of its decentralized data marketplace
    CryptoNinjas A group of tech entrepreneurs, and the men behind million dollar start-up Wave, have completed a UK crowdfunding campaign to support their newest venture; the big data digital marketplace which pays users fairly for their data. Having already raised more than 1.5 million... GeoDB surpasses funding target to support... Read more »
  • AlphaPoint and Elevated Returns partner for tokenized real estate offerings
    CryptoNinjas AlphaPoint, a provider of asset tokenization software and digital asset trading technology for licensed broker-dealers, ATS, and exchange operators, has been selected as the exchange technology provider for Elevated Returns’ tokenized real-estate offerings in Thailand and other regulated markets throughout Asia. Elevated Returns... AlphaPoint and Elevated Returns partner for... Read more »
  • Gate.io launches token offering platform with 1st project CNNS
    CryptoNinjas Gate.io, a cryptocurrency exchange company, has introduced Startup, its new initial exchange offering and token launch platform that aims to provide users with access to blockchain projects. Trading service will be enabled once a startup project fulfills its fundraising goal. Gate.io Startup has... Gate.io launches token offering platform with... Read more »


  • Token Analyst to Predict Crypto Market Movement based on On-chain Signals
    There is a wide range of on and off chain signals which cryptocurrency traders are using as indicators. when these indicators combined together they can show a detailed picture of the current state of the market and suggest future price movement of the cryptocurrency market. Token Analyst is a market... Read more »
  • Cryptonite to Offer Secure Browsing Experience
    Cryptonite, the browser extension is ready to protect you from malicious attacks and phishing scams. If you prefer to explore new crypto services and platforms or new to the crypto world, then the browser extension can be very useful for you. Cryptonite is an anti-phishing and anti-fraud software powered by... Read more »
  • Bittrex Operations Ceased in New York
    The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDES) has ordered the blockchain based trading platform, Bittrex to cease their operations in the state. The financial regulator has rejected its application for a Bitlicense. NYDES cited multiple deficiencies, but for some of them, crypto exchange Bittrex immediately disputed. Meanwhile, the... Read more »
  • WolfpackBOT – Redefining Cryptocurrency Trading at a Fast Pace
    WolfpackBOT is an out-of-the-box cryptocurrency trading software that aims to render mathematically accurate and fast trade through a proprietary trading algorithm, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, and customized settings based on personal trading style. The software also extends simultaneous trading access to all compatible cryptocurrency exchanges available on the bot.... Read more »
  • REBGLO – A Futuristic Approach Towards Cryptocurrency Mining
    In the present scenario of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining plays an imperative role. Miners are the ones that solve mathematical problems, generate new blocks, and verify transactions within the blockchain network. However, the efficiency of existing cryptocurrency mining process is majorly affected by two internal and external factors including:-  ... Read more »


  • PayPal Awarded Patent For Crypto-Malware Detection Technique
        Online payments giant PayPal is already shifting its attention towards blockchain technology. The firm has been awarded a crypto related patent. Patent for Crypto-malware Detection Technique The patent awarded to the payment giant is for a technique that could help with the detection of a type of crypto... Read more »
  • NEO Price Prediction 2019: What Price Can NEO Reach This Year?
    NEO is a dApp platform similar to Ethereum, allowing developers to create digital assets and smart contracts. NEO is one of the two cryptocurrencies of the NEO blockchain, the other being GAS. But in today’s article, we will only focus on the NEO crypto and its price evolution for this... Read more »
  • Binance Singapore to go Live Next Week, Binance Chain Likely to go Live in Few Hours
    Binance has finally set a date for the launch of its Singapore exchange arm. According to the CEO of the exchange, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the new exchange is going to get launched next week. Binance Singapore to Launch Next Week CZ confirmed this time frame in a recent statement he... Read more »
  • Blockchain Is What Students Should Study Now
    Blockchain turned into a real sensation after a bit shocking jump of the Bitcoin rate that happened a while ago. Nowadays, it is discussed less passionately — it has become a tool, a widely used tech solution. So if you see classes on blockchain in your curriculum but have zero... Read more »
  • Ethereum Will Be Quantum Resistant In Three-To-Five-Year Time, Says Danny Ryan
    Finder sat down in an interview with Danny Ryan – the developer of Casper, an upcoming protocol that is set to integrate PoS into Ethereum’s blockchain that will eventually lead to the creation of Ethereum 2.0. Ryan told Finder that plans to make the Ethereum’s structure quantum resistant were underway.... Read more »

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  • Canadian BitTorrent Users Are Getting Sued for Illegal Downloads by Film and TV Studios
    Film and TV studios are suing BitTorrent users in Canada for illegally downloading movies and TV shows. The production houses are taking this step to try and decrease the availability of their content online. However, to avoid getting caught and sued, many who download the copyrighted content will use a... Read more »
  • UK Set to Introduce Porn Age Verification, VPN Interest Surges
    The UK government will introduce an age verification scheme that will stop those below the age of 18 from viewing porn websites. However, the system is flawed since VPNs can be used to bypass the ID checks. As a result, interest in VPNs has surged as people look for ways... Read more »
  • TradeCloud, Digitalizing the Physical Commodities Industry With Blockchain [Exclusive]
    Commodities are the basis of crucially important worldwide markets which involve the buying, selling and price discovery of some of the most common items and materials we rely on every day. From foods such as soybeans, wheat, and bananas, to valuable metals, commodities power our infrastructure and to a large... Read more »
  • Mark Zuckerberg Rewarded His Allies With Access to Facebook User Data, Leaked Documents Show
    Thousands of leaked documents reveal that Facebook chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, shared private user data with his app developer friends. The shared data served as a reward to app developers and third-party companies that either spend enormous amounts on ads or have a good relationship with the company heads. Facebook... Read more »
  • No Clear Direction for Chainlink and BitTorrent Continues Weak Performance [Price Analysis]
    BitTorrent Token (BTT), continues its weak performance as it trades above support at $0.000736. After numerous tests, trading last week resulted in the price dropping below the level. Numerous tests of a support level serve to weaken the level with fewer buyers to hold the level on each consecutive test.... Read more »


  • Accenture and GEB Partner to Use DLT For Employee Benefits Sector
    A Forbes report published April 16, 2019, states that multinational management consulting giant Accenture has partnered with Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) to develop a robust blockchain solution for employee benefits sector. Blockchain to Streamline Employee Benefits IT firm Accenture has historically been one of the biggest believers of blockchain technology.... Read more »
  • Financier with Links to Russian Oligarch Launches Crypto Derivative Hedge Fund
    According to a BloombergQuint report published April 17, 2019, Gerald Banks, a financier who has in past managed part of a Russian oligarch’s business venture is set to open a cryptocurrency derivative fund. Financier Launches Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Cipher Technologies Russian business tycoons are notoriously famous for their appetite for... Read more »
  • Winklevoss Twins and Charlie Shrem Settle Legal Dispute
    After much back-and-forth, Charlie Shrem and the Winklevoss twins have settled their feud stemming from a failed business deal, as announced on April 16, 2019. White Flag In the crypto industry and the business world in general, it is not unusual for business partners to fall out and sometimes these... Read more »
  • Israeli Startup Sirin Labs Lays off 15 Employees Due to Poor Sales
    Israeli tech startup Sirin Labs, which launched the world’s first blockchain smartphone called Finney last year has laid off 15 of their total 60 employees, as reported by Globes on April 15, 2019. Sirin Labs Fires 25 Percent of its Workforce Sirin Labs, an Israeli tech startup that roped in... Read more »
  • Japan: Rakuten Bank Starts Registering New Users for Its Crypto Wallet
    As part of preparations for the June 2019 official launch of its cryptocurrency trading service, Rakuten Bank, the largest e-commerce outfit in Japan has kicked off the new user registration process for its Rakuten Wallet, which will enable millions of its customers to trade bitcoin and altcoins seamlessly, according to... Read more »

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