May, 22, 2019


  • This Painfully Boring CNBC Crypto Debate Is Bullish as Hell for Bitcoin
    By CCN: If you’re looking for reasons behind bitcoin’s recent price surge, this video tells the whole story. Because it’s so completely dull. Has bitcoin gone too far, too fast? Here's how two traders are thinking about bitcoin futures. via @CNBCFuturesNow — CNBC (@CNBC) May 22, 2019 The... Read more »
  • Dow Cringes as Xi Jinping Ominously Sparks Fears of Economic Cold War
    By CCN: The Dow lurched back into decline on Wednesday after Chinese President Xi Jinping amped up the trade war rhetoric in an ominous speech that suggested that Beijing could not only permanently freeze negotiations with the Trump administration but also mire the two nations in an economic cold war.... Read more »
  • Twitter CEO Dorsey: Square Crypto Begins ‘Inevitable’ Bitcoin Mass Adoption
    By CCN: Square, the $32.7 billion mobile payment company founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, is one step closer to launching its long-awaited crypto project. The company claimed last night that bitcoin mass adoption is “inevitable” and it is close to making its first hire. Took some time but getting there... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Bull’s $800,000 Tax Bill Due as Israeli Court Rules Crypto is ‘Property’
    By CCN: An Israeli court has ruled that Bitcoin is not a currency but rather an asset. This was in a case brought forth by Noam Copel, a blockchain entrepreneur, according to business publication Globes. The ruling means that Copel will pay taxes of New Israeli Shekel (NIS) 3 million... Read more »
  • Turkey’s Collapsing Currency Will Drive Investors to Bitcoin, Says Max Keiser
    By CCN: Bitcoin bull Max Keiser has hinted that as Turkey’s economy worsens, Turks could turn to Bitcoin as a hedge. In a tweet, Keiser said that Bitcoin ‘will become a factor for Turks as hard money becomes hard to come by’. #Bitcoin will become a factor for Turks as... Read more »


  • Blockchain Hits The Road (Literally)
    Call it blockchain on wheels — the literal kind, as in vehicles, on the road. News came this week that automotive giants Honda and General Motors (GM) are, according to Nikkei Asian Review, working together on a joint research project that will help gauge the potential of electric vehicles (EVs)... Read more »
  • Founder of defunct Cryptopia exchange has already founded a new one
    It appears that the founder of the recently hacked and shuttered Cryptopia exchange has already founded a new one. Adam Clark, Cryptopia’s founder and erstwhile lead developer, now describes himself on Twitter and LinkedIn as the founder of a second exchange —“Assetylene,” a misspelling of a foul-smelling hydrocarbon gas. Assetylene,... Read more »
  • Ian Freeman on Bitcoin Cash Japan vs. New Hampshire Dash Adoption
    I got to catch up with Ian Freeman of popular radio show Free Talk Live, known as “the show that launched Bitcoin” for educating “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver about the new technology. Freeman recently traveled to Japan to see Ver, and experienced the local cryptocurrency adoption scene there. He compared... Read more »
  • UK financial watchdog warns investors after £27m lost to crypto scams
    Cryptocurrency and foreign exchange (forex) scams tripled in the last financial year, according to new data from the UK financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA.) Total losses from fraudulent online trading platforms totalled £27 million ($34 million), the authority reported on Monday. The vast majority of which—some 81 percent... Read more »
  • What Are Cryptocurrency Index Funds and How to Choose One?
    Investing in index funds, or “indexing” is a passive, low-cost investing style that has become much more popular in recent years. Indices use a rules-based, transparent methodology to determine their portfolio constituents ahead of time. Therefore they are very cheap to maintain and do not incur high management fees. Research... Read more »

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  • How to Buy Pizza With Bitcoin Cash
    Every year on May 22, the cryptocurrency community marks this day in 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. To help you celebrate Pizza Day, here are a variety of options to buy to pizza with bitcoin cash (BCH) in different countries around the world. Also Read:... Read more »
  • Israeli Court Rules Bitcoin Is an Asset
    An Israeli court has ruled that bitcoin is an asset, confirming the central bank’s stance. The case involves the country’s tax authority and the founder of a blockchain startup who argues that profits from the sale of cryptocurrency should be tax-free. The court has ruled in favor of the tax... Read more »
  • Elipay Celebrates the First of 100s of Crypto-Accepting Merchants in Croatia
    On May 20, Eligma showed off its Elipay service, a crypto payment processing system that allows people to pay for products and services with cryptocurrencies at over 300 retailers in the region. The grand opening of Elipay’s Croatian launch started with the first transaction made by’s CEO, Roger Ver,... Read more »
  • IRS Plans to Issue Guidance on Virtual Currency Taxation
    Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Charles Rettig has explained to U.S. representatives that the tax department plans to issue clearer guidance toward cryptocurrency taxation soon. Since 2014, Americans have been asking the tax agency for better clarification in regard to official tax guidelines. Also read: Last Will Platform Allows Your... Read more »
  • You Can Pay With BCH for Your Domain From Abaco Hosting
    Online presence is essential for any business today and especially for projects that deal with cryptocurrencies. Abaco Hosting offers this type of solutions to small and medium enterprises, and companies from the crypto industry can take advantage of its flexible payment options. They include support for major digital coins such... Read more »


  • Max’s Corner: Forking into the Future
    Coinspeaker Max’s Corner: Forking into the Future In honor of Bytecoin’s recent hardfork, this edition of Max’s Corner takes a look at some recent and impending hardforks from across the industry and the reasons behind them. Max’s Corner: Forking into the Future Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »
  • China’s Blanket Ban on Crypto Trading Doesn’t Mean Individuals Can’t Own Bitcoin
    Coinspeaker China’s Blanket Ban on Crypto Trading Doesn’t Mean Individuals Can’t Own Bitcoin Bank of China’s Law Research Association declared that the ownership of Bitcoins is not considered illegal, although the ban for trading still remains in effect. China’s Blanket Ban on Crypto Trading Doesn’t Mean Individuals Can’t Own Bitcoin... Read more »
  • Why Can USDQ, KRWQ, CNYQ, JPYQ Stablecoins Replace Tether?
    Coinspeaker Why Can USDQ, KRWQ, CNYQ, JPYQ Stablecoins Replace Tether? Anton Dzyatkovskiy, a blockchain architect lead of Platinum Q DAO Engineering, provides and in-depth explanation why USDQ, KRWQ, CNYQ, JPYQ stablecoins has all chances to replace Tether. Why Can USDQ, KRWQ, CNYQ, JPYQ Stablecoins Replace Tether? Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »
  • The Worst Investment of All Times? Bitcoin Pizza Guy Could Have Had $800 Million Today
    Coinspeaker The Worst Investment of All Times? Bitcoin Pizza Guy Could Have Had $800 Million Today The Bitcoin pizza guy doesn't regret having spent 100,000 BTC in the course of 9 years and is even proud of being among the first Bitcoin supporters. The Worst Investment of All Times? Bitcoin... Read more »
  • Research Into the Global Crypto Exchange Performance of the Last Month
    Coinspeaker Research Into the Global Crypto Exchange Performance of the Last Month Chain Open Research, an analytical research web portal has released its April report on the performance of the leading exchanges, featuring an abundance of data regarding the performance of the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges. Research Into the Global... Read more »


  • Until Bitcoin Moves Above $20,000, BTC At $1,000 Is Still Possible
    At long last, Bitcoin (BTC), in the eyes of many investors and analysts, is finally in a “bull market”. As Fundstrat’s Tom Lee noted in a recent tweet, BTC rebounding by $1,800 off the Bitstamp crash, the Misery Index passing 89, growth in on-chain transactions and volumes, and Bitcoin’s chart... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Stuck at $8,000; Will Institutions and Halving Run Up Send it Surging?
    Since breaking the $8k barrier on May 14, Bitcoin has remained in this range for over a week. A short-lived correction sent it barreling back to $7k but a recovery came less than two days later after a certain high profile news outlet predicted a bigger dump. Counter Trade Indicator... Read more »
  • Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Hyped on Mysterious Tweet, BSV Still Surging
    Crypto markets remain range bound; Binance Coin and Bitcoin SV lifting off, ETH grinding up. Market Wrap Crypto markets are still flat today as the consolidation continues. There has been very little movement on most of the majors however one or two lower cap crypto assets have lifted off. Total... Read more »
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Price Trading Sideways: Bulls Eyeing Fresh Increase
    Bitcoin price failed to gain momentum above $8,150 and $8,200 against the US Dollar. The price is slowly moving lower in a range and it could test the $7,700 or $7,660 support. This week’s followed key bullish trend line was breached with support near $7,980 on the hourly chart of... Read more »
  • Ripple (XRP) Price Following Uptrend: Can Bulls Take Over?
    Ripple price found a strong support near the $0.3800 level and recently moved higher against the US dollar. The price is now placed above the $0.3950 and $0.4000 levels and it could continue higher. Yesterday’s highlighted major bullish trend line is intact with support near $0.3950 on the hourly chart... Read more »

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  • Cardano (ADA) Price Trading Near Key Support: Fresh Increase Likely
    ADA price surged towards the $0.1000 level and recently corrected below $0.0900 against the US Dollar. The price traded below the $0.0850 support level, tested $0.0734 and recently moved higher. There is a key contracting triangle forming with resistance near $0.0865 on the 4-hours chart (data feed via Kraken). The... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Remains Attractive, $8,350 Holds Key
    Bitcoin price traded towards the $8,350 resistance level and recently corrected lower against the US Dollar. The price is holding the key $7,640 and $7,600 support levels and it could bounce back. There is a crucial contracting triangle forming with support near $7,920 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD... Read more »
  • AT&T Claims Innocence In Recent SIM-Swapping Suit
    Phone and internet service provider AT&T claims that it is not responsible for a series of recent SIM-swapping complaints. Was AT&T’s Security Lacking Somehow? Recently, Live Bitcoin News reported on a man named Michael Terpin, an AT&T customer that had allegedly been the victim of SIM-swapping. Terpin alleges that a... Read more »
  • Crypto Scams More Than Tripled Last Year
    Cryptocurrency is becoming a legitimate industry, but it’s probably not happening fast enough. Fraud Is Still Too Consistent A new report suggests that more than $32 million was lost to cryptocurrency scams in 2018. This is a raging sign that the industry still lacks appropriate regulation and that hackers and... Read more »
  • Australian Contractor Uses Government to Mine Crypto
    An IT contractor is under fire for allegedly using government computer networks to mine cryptocurrency. When Crypto Doesn’t Belong A 33-year-old man in Sydney, Australia was charged by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) force for utilizing government-based equipment and laptops to mine digital currencies while serving as a tech contractor.... Read more »


  • Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Dips Could Present Buy Opportunity
    Ethereum price failed one again near the $264.00 resistance area and recently declined. ETH is currently declining, but dips towards $244.00 or $240.00 could be considered as buying opportunity. Ethereum price failed on two occasions near the $263.41 and $265.00 […] The post Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Dips Could Present... Read more »
  • Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Risk Of Another Drop Before Higher
    Ripple price was unable to stay above the $0.4100 and $0.4000 support levels. XRP is likely to extend losses in the short term towards $0.3640 before it could bounce back above $0.4100. The price recently traded below the key $0.4000 […] The post Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Risk Of Another... Read more »
  • What Are Flexa & Spedn: How Do They Fit Into Crypto Retail Payments?
    One of the big headlines from Coindesk’s Consensus 2019 in New York City was from a startup project called Flexa, who designed a crypto payments network for retailers. Following their announcement of a $14.1 million funding round in the month […] The post What Are Flexa & Spedn: How Do... Read more »
  • Months After they Were Stolen: Cryptopia Funds Are Still On the Move
    New Zealand exchange Cryptopia might have been hacked almost 5 months ago, but new information continues to unfold. Cryptopia’s hack is particularly interesting, thanks in no small part to the numerous details and developments that have come out since the […] The post Months After they Were Stolen: Cryptopia Funds... Read more »
  • BaseFEX Review: Bitcoin & Crypto Futures Trading Exchange with 100x Leverage
    BaseFEX is a crypto platform for trading derivatives like Bitcoin futures, The platform prides itself on offering a modern trading environment and provides traders with the option of using leverage of up to 100x for Bitcoin in addition to high […] The post BaseFEX Review: Bitcoin & Crypto Futures Trading... Read more »

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  • The Man Behind Bitcoin Pizza Day Is More Than a Meme: He’s a Mining Pioneer
    Bitcoin was barely a year old and trading for less than a penny. Excitement for the world’s first cryptocurrency was still largely bottled up in the infant hobbyist forum Bitcointalk, itself barely half a year old. Here, OGs effervescent with enthusiasm compared notes on economic philosophy, technical knowledge and the... Read more »
  • Tether Partly Backed by Bitcoin, Court Transcription Reveals
    Tether, a stablecoin tied to the dollar that is meant to mediate the volatility of other cryptocurrencies, is partly backed by bitcoin.As detailed in court documents obtained by The Block, Tether admitted to using some of the cash reserves meant to back its stablecoin to purchase bitcoin, among other assets.This... Read more »
  • Op Ed: Lightning Network Consensus Is a Marketplace and That’s Okay!
    To Bitcoin or Not to BitcoinDuring the “scaling debate” before the SegWit2X user-activated soft fork (UASF), Bitcoin businesses were getting their first bitter taste of Bitcoin’s censorship resistance. They wanted change to be easier. They wanted their influence to be effective. They wanted to take shortcuts. Unfortunately for them, Bitcoin... Read more »
  • IRS Commissioner Makes Crypto Tax Clarity a Priority
    The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is planning to overhaul its methods for determining the federal taxes due on cryptocurrency payments to improve clarity for taxpayers.The decision stems from the recent attempt by Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer to pass legislation reforming the way that hard forks and the resultant “forkcoins”... Read more »
  • Dutch Man Arrested for $111 Million Fake Mining Scheme
    On March 21, 2019, Dutch news outlet NL Times reported that “Berry van M.,” a 33-year-old Dutch businessman and the operator of now-defunct trading platform Koinz Trading, has been arrested on charges of deceiving investors with a bogus bitcoin mining scheme.The report claims that van M. was the director of... Read more »


  • Bitcoin went from $8,000 to $10,000 in 11 days in 2017—could it happen again?
    During the bull run of 2017, Bitcoin’s price jumped from $8,000 to over $10,000 in 11 short days. The momentum continued to accelerate, with the coin only taking 8 days to jump from $16,000 to $18,000. Seeing how Bitcoin currently hovers around the $8,000 mark, many believe its value could... Read more »
  • Crypto exchange Cobinhood files for bankruptcy in alleged exit scam
    Cobinhood, a well-known Taiwanese cryptocurrency exchange, allegedly pulled an exit scam after filing for bankruptcy. The exchange’s associated company DEXON Foundation, and its DXN token, raised $3.5 million last month. The company is currently in the process of laying off employees and restructuring. Controversy with Cobinhood Niche exchanges have long... Read more »
  • Investors snap up Kraken stock in $10.2 million tokenized equity offering
    Kraken, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, reached out to its customers via email offering them tokenized stock in the company. The stock, which can be bought in chunks as small as $1,000, will be sold through a regulated investment company called “Bnk to the Future.” Kraken reaches out to... Read more »
  • Bitcoin whitepaper and software copyrighted by Craig Wright, Bitcoin SV price doubles
    Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, filed copyright registrations for the Bitcoin whitepaper and the original Bitcoin code with the US Copyright Office. The office ‘recognized’ Wright as the author, making it the first government agency to do so. Copyright registrations for Bitcoin’s original whitepaper One of the most controversial... Read more »
  • The curious case of Ethereum’s missing warrant canary
    Previously, featured a peculiar yellow canary on the footer of its website. The easily overlooked avian emblem served an important purpose—until it went missing. On Apr. 30th, was overhauled with a new minimalist design. As part of the update, the Ethereum Foundation’s canary has gone missing. This was... Read more »


  • Is the Crypto Market the Place to Be During a Recession?

    Nervous investors might look to crypto as a safe haven when the U.S. starts to slip into another recession. That’s the feeling among a group of cryptocurrency market participants who have been eyeing the ongoing chatter about a forthcoming recession with interest. Last month, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen weighed... Read more »
  • Constellation Labs Focuses on ‘Setting a Foundation’
    The founders of Constellation Labs were initially looking to build a decentralized content platform. But after witnessing the limits of the Ethereum network, they decided to focus on a protocol that would support high-volume content systems. The company raised $14 million in a private token sale earlier this year. More recently,... Read more »
  • There’s a New Art to Putting Picasso on the Auction Blockchain
    Early next year, aficionados of fine art will get the opportunity to own a piece of a rare Picasso, according to organizers of a blockchain fine art investment platform. Although blockchain backers have long touted the idea of using the technology to allow users to purchase fractional stakes in valuable... Read more »
  • ‘Crypto Winter’ Grips the Market as Its Troubles Continue
    The “crypto winter” that has chilled cryptocurrencies and brought them lower plodded on this week as bitcoin (BTC) plunged to fresh lows for the year. The selling frenzy intensified as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week postponed once again its decision on a bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The new... Read more »
  • US Lawmakers’ Bills: CFTC, Work Harder to Stop Crypto Price Manipulation
    Two U.S. congressmen have reached across the partisan divide to introduce two bills to prevent cryptocurrency price manipulation. However, if you’re worried about direct government interference into crypto, relax. These bills from Rep. Darren Soto, a Democrat from Florida, and Rep. Ted Budd, a Republican from North Carolina, ask the... Read more »
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  • CULedger expands partnership with R3 to support cross-border blockchain payments
    CryptoNinjas CULedger, a credit union-owned CUSO that focuses on delivering applications to credit unions through its cross-border DLT platform, today announced it has expanded its partnership with enterprise software firm R3 to further support domestic and cross-border payments for credit unions on the Corda... CULedger expands partnership with R3 to... Read more »
  • Crypto exchange company Bittrex to use IdentityMind for AML support
    CryptoNinjas IdentityMind, a SaaS platform for online risk management and compliance automation, today announced that Bittrex, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange and technology platform, will be utilizing IdentityMind’s Digital Identities Platform for automated Transaction Monitoring as a core function of its AML program for both... Crypto exchange company Bittrex to use... Read more »
  • BTSE launching new leveraged bitcoin futures product
    CryptoNinjas BTSE, a licensed digital assets exchange, today announced the launch of a new futures trading platform, BTSE Futures, along with its 100x leveraged Bitcoin futures product. BTSE Futures is scheduled to begin trading in June 2019. The new BTSE Futures platform supports fiat... BTSE launching new leveraged bitcoin futures product... Read more »
  • Ledger Vault to provide custody for Voyager’s crypto trading platform
    CryptoNinjas Voyager Digital, a licensed and regulated crypto asset brokerage, today announced it will utilize Ledger Vault’s multi-authorization cryptocurrency wallet management solution. Ledger Vault’s asset management system will be integrated into Voyager’s crypto trading platform to increase the security of its holdings. Ledger Vault... Ledger Vault to provide custody for... Read more »
  • Ontology releases design for lightweight multichain solution
    CryptoNinjas Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain project, and a distributed trust collaboration platform, recently released its design for a lightweight and safe multichain system and cross-chain solution. The solution uses the Ontology blockchain as the main chain, and supports both side-chains whose architecture is... Ontology releases design for lightweight multichain... Read more »


  • Report crypto week 21
    Altcoin Era & have come together to offer you better quality content. We present the best airdrops daily; which have an interest in our community. This implies that the selected projects are all checked by our team in depth. n nWe are analyzing the team, the project, the whitepaper,... Read more »
  • Changing Gaming Ecosystem with PixelBit
    “Games are for Children”, gone are the days where we used to hear this. In today’s digital growth the gaming industry has taken a huge leap. With mobile devices as powerful as PC few years ago, this industry is looking for its next huge leap through handheld devices. Favourable growth... Read more »
  • Report Crypto Week 20
      Altcoin Era & have come together to offer you better quality content. We present the best airdrops daily; which have an interest in our community. This implies that the selected projects are all checked by our team in depth. n nWe are analyzing the team, the project, the... Read more »
  • Elrond Network can potentially handle the transactional demands of the entire IoT Market.
    One of the most important technologies of today is the internet of things (IoT). While people can recognize that nearly every household electronic is gaining the capacity to connect to the internet, the IoT ecosystem encompasses much more than consumer goods. Businesses are using IoT sensors to acquire valuable data... Read more »
  • REBGLO – A Sustainable Approach Towards Cryptocurrency Mining
    Cryptocurrency mining also referred to as crypto-mining is an extensive process in which transactions for numerous forms of cryptocurrencies are verified and added to the blockchain digital ledger. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency, the concept of cryptocurrency mining has also people popular in terms of a topic as well... Read more »


  • Binance Coin (BNB) Price Analysis: BNB Hits All-Time High After 7000 Bitcoins Stolen from Binance Exchange
    At BeInCrypto, we publish regular price analyses and predictions for the most relevant and popular cryptocurrencies and digital assets. For our most recent prediction of BNB, keep reading below, or if you’re interested in an exchange that does not lie about trading volume check out our Binance exchange review here.... Read more »
  • Brits Lost $34 Million To Cryptocurrency Scammers, FCA Warns
    In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, British investors lost over $34 million in crypto and forex scams, the UK watchdog reported. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has raised concerns about the rise in fraudulent activity related to cryptocurrencies. In the 2018-2019 financial year, such scam cases cost British investors about £27... Read more »
  • Bulgaria Betting on Bitcoin, Holds Over 200,000 BTC in Reserve
    Bulgaria has been patiently stockpiling large amounts of Bitcoin. The country allegedly has over 200,000 BTC. Bulgaria is betting big on Bitcoin (BTC). The country is allegedly sitting on a vast amount of BTC wealth which it is holding in reserves. The country acquired the BTC during operation PRATKA when... Read more »
  • Soaring Credit Card Interest Rates Could Sink Economy
    The rate consumers pay in interest on credit card debt is at the highest level in history, according to recent reports. Reaching nearly 17 percent, interest rates may well have something to do with the much softer consumer spending reports released this week.  Soaring rates and declining consumer spending could... Read more »
  • Does The SEC Only Care About Bitcoin Market Manipulation?
    The highly-anticipated VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF proposal has once again been postponed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — which has previously cited market manipulation as a concern. Bitcoin exchange-traded funds have struggled to gain SEC approval amid claims that the market is too manipulated — which is... Read more »


  • Bytecoin Forks Paving the Way for Amethyst Upgrades
    On Friday May 17, Bytecoin, one of the oldest privacy coins in the crypto space, successfully underwent a scheduled hardfork and poised itself to integrate a number of features and platform improvements that were part of the platform’s Amethyst update. This was a uncontested hardfork, meaning that it was mapped... Read more »
  • Game of Thrones Actor Becomes Advisor Of Vegan Crypto-based Startup
    Jerome Flynn, or Bronn of the Blackwater as he is known by Game of Thrones fans, has accepted to become the advisor of a cryptocurrency-based startup which promotes vegan lifestyle choices and producing ethical food. And no, we did not make up this headline by picking the top keywords from... Read more »
  • Ethorse – The Sweet Spot between Horse Racing and Cryptocurrency
    If you have been to a racecourse, you would love the sight of the striking horses racing. However, the joy of watching poetry in motion can be increased even further. That is if you place a bet on a particular horse and it comes out as the winner. Many of... Read more »
  • Ethereum 2.0 Receives $30M of Investments
    The Ethereum Foundation has posted in their official blog that they intend to allocate $30 million in funds to the development of various parts of the Ethereum project, including Plasma and the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. According to the post, The Ethereum Foundation has changed its focus to match the growth... Read more »
  • U.S SEC Postpones its Decision on VanEck and Bitwise ETF Again
    Contrary to a previous report which made it known that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will make its decision on VanEck Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) on the 21st of May, the regulator has once again postponed its verdict date. 35 More Days to Go According to an official... Read more »

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  • Bank of China Council Member: Owning Bitcoin Is Still Legal in China
    Sa Xiao, Council Member at the Bank of China Law Research Association, was reported as saying that holding Bitcoin in China is still legal. Xiao added that in addition to that, trading Bitcoin amongst individuals remains legal in the country. Holding Bitcoin Is Still Legal in China China has been... Read more »
  • Royalty Interests for Beyoncé and the Weeknd Songs Sell Out on Blockchain Music Rights App
    Vezt, a music rights app developed on a blockchain has announced that it sold royalty interests on Beyoncé and The Weeknd songs faster than any other song in the application’s history. The song “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd raised $20,000 within twelve hours, while “I Been On” recorded... Read more »
  • British Investors Lose £27 Million in Cryptocurrency and Forex Scams
    British investors have not been spared the cruelty of fraudulent scams involving digital assets and forex. Britain’s financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), released a press statement on May 21 highlighting that local investors were swindled out of more than £27 million ($34 million) in investments involving cryptocurrencies and... Read more »
  • Ethereum and EOS Increase Against Bitcoin During Blockchain Week [Price Analysis]
    Ethereum Price Analysis Ethereum was among the best performing altcoins during “blockchain week” which took place last week with the biggest cryptocurrency conferences of the year taking place in New York. Ethereum opened the week at a former area of support at $185.82 and rose above another important area of... Read more »
  • Releases EOSIO Explorer Interface to Improve Developer Experience
    EOSIO Labs, an innovation hub established by announced the release of its EOSIO Explorer. The Explorer is a new web-based graphical user interface that is designed to help improve the experience of developers when interacting and monitoring EOS apps and networks during the development stage. EOSIO Explorer to Improve... Read more »


  • Deep Dive: What is Ravencoin?
    Comfortably nestled among the top 50 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap, Ravencoin (RVN) is one of the more exciting crypto projects in the industry. The cryptocurrency, whose name is inspired from the small black birds in George R. R. Martin’s fictional world of Westeros was one of the strongest performers during the... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Raises Millions in Share Offering
    Major cryptocurrency exchange platform Kraken has announced that it will be offering shares of its company for as little as $1,000. This, according to an email distributed by the exchange on May 20, 2019. Raising Millions As per the email, Kraken will be offering preferred shares through investment platform, BnkToTheFuture.... Read more »
  • U.S. SEC Shutters Ponzi Diamond-Backed Cryptocurrency Business
    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 21, 2019, obtained an emergency order to halt the operations of an ongoing $30 million cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. Necessary Safety Measures The U.S. SEC recently delayed the decision on VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF proposal once again and it’s not hard to guess... Read more »
  • Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Galaxy Digital Liquidates Block.One Stake for $72.1 Million
    According to a press release issued May 21, 2019, Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. Received $71.2 million after it sold its stake in Block.One, the firm behind the EOS blockchain network. Galaxy Digital Will No Longer Hold a Material Investment Position in Block.One Cryptocurrency merchant bank Galaxy Digital Ltd.... Read more »
  • Ripple Facilitates Payment Remittances From India to Saudi Arabia
    Indian commercial bank IndusInd has tied up with Saudi Arabian British Bank (SABB) through their partnership with Ripple. The payment remittance corridor between the two countries is powered through xRapid and xCurrent, as both banks adopted both networks, as revealed by Ripple, May 20, 2019. Further Headway in India After... Read more »

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