March, 22, 2019


  • Request for Documents in Latest Trump Probe Comes Up Short
    A request for documents as part of an ongoing probe into the Trump administration has come up relatively empty-handed. No One Feels Like Talking The probe is headed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, who sent document requests to 81 separate agencies as a means of investigating “alleged obstruction... Read more »
  • Bernie Sanders’ Favorability Is Sliding Among Democratic Voters
    Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is losing his hold on democratic voters. According to a recent CNN poll, only 46 percent of voters believe the Vermont Senator is a “favorable choice” for president. 45 percent list him as “unfavorable.” A Quinnipiac University poll from last December goes even lower, giving Sanders... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Savings Accounts: Crypto’s Next Big Thing?
    When BlockFi began offering interest-bearing accounts earlier this month, it seemed to have struck gold. Giving people a place to securely store their bitcoin or ether is paying off for the company and crypto holders. An impressive 10,000 people have signed up for accounts. Almost all of them, roughly 90%,... Read more »
  • Patriots Owner’s ‘Graphic’ Sex Tape Could Be Released to Peeping Tom Public
    Robert Kraft’s graphic sex tape — where he’s caught on video receiving oral sex at a Florida massage parlor — will probably be released publicly. That’s what Florida authorities said one day after the billionaire New England Patriots owner filed a motion to keep the police surveillance videos kept under... Read more »
  • Fake Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet Emerges
    A fake version of Wasabi wallet, probably designed to steal bitcoins, has emerged online at (Don’t visit that site.) Wasabi Lead Developer Exposes Fake Website According to Wasabi developer nopara73 (the only confirmed identity he has), the site is only trying to assault Windows users. Only the Windows version... Read more »


  • AriseBank CEO Pleads Guilty to $4.2 Million Securities Fraud Involving ICO
    Jared Rice Sr., founder of crypto bank AriseBank, pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud Wednesday in federal court The Dallas News reported Thursday that Rice, who was arrested last year, admitted to scamming investors out of $4.2 million by selling AriseCoin tokens and promising that customers would receive... Read more »
  • AriseBank CEO Pleads Guilty to Scamming $4.2 Million From His Clients
    The CEO of AriseBank has pleaded guilty to scamming $4.2 million from hundreds of investors. Jared Rice Sr. was initially looking at over 120 years behind bars for all the charges he faced. However, according to a report by Dallas News, he only faces 20 years for one count of securities... Read more »
  • 8 Useful Browser Extensions for Cryptocurrency Users
    Extensions, also known as plugins, provide a one-click way to customize your web browser. From filtering out offensive words to blocking unwanted ads, there’s a browser extension for that. Cryptocurrency users have a particular need for plugins to enhance their privacy, perform crypto payments in-browser, and check market prices. Whether... Read more »
  • Switzerland To Adapt Existing Legislation For Crypto Regulation
    Switzerland’s executive branch will undertake the unenviable task of clearing up the muddied lines around crypto trading platforms, FINMA’s supervisorial reach, and anti-money laundering provisions. Switzerland’s Federal Assembly, the federal legislature of the Swiss parliament, approved a motion on March 20 instructing the Swiss Federal Council, which serves as the... Read more »
  • IBM Developing Blockchain Solution to Combat Fake Medicine in Africa
    IBM Developing Blockchain Solution to Combat Fake Medicine in Africa Global tech giant IBM is working on a blockchain solution to weed out Africa’s notorious counterfeit medication network. The company says blockchain will allow it to track medications all the way back to the manufacturers, so distributors can know they... Read more »

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  • Why Africa Continues to Lag Behind in Cryptocurrency Adoption
    Africa continues to dominate Google Trends search interest for “bitcoin,” but that has not translated into widespread adoption of cryptocurrency by users and businesses. Apart from opaque regulation and a lack of awareness, one of the major reasons for this failure has been the expansive use of mobile money on... Read more »
  • 8 Useful Browser Extensions for Cryptocurrency Users
    Extensions, also known as plugins, provide a one-click way to customize your web browser. From filtering out offensive words to blocking unwanted ads, there’s a browser extension for that. Cryptocurrency users have a particular need for plugins to enhance their privacy, perform crypto payments in-browser, and check market prices. Whether... Read more »
  • Craig ‘Satoshi’ Wright Claims to Have Filed 666 Blockchain Patents
    The race to file blockchain patents has accelerated lately with one specific firm, Nchain Holdings, attempting to capture hundreds of distributed ledger-related patents. According to reports, self-proclaimed Satoshi – Craig Wright – and his Nchain business claim to have filed 666 patent applications to date, capturing a gigantic portfolio of... Read more »
  • A Privacy-Focused Bitcoin Cash P2P Exchange Is Coming to has always been on a quest to promote Bitcoin adoption. Our educational resources, forums, newsdesk, and other services reflect that mission on a daily basis. Now our web portal is introducing a feature called Local Bitcoin Cash, a service that facilitates the peer-to-peer trading of local currency for bitcoin... Read more »
  • In the Daily: Coins at Kiosks, Micropayment Solutions, Token Launchpad, GPU Inventory  
    In this edition of The Daily, we feature a couple of announcements by leading crypto exchanges. Binance starts selling cryptocurrency for cash at newsagent stores in Australia, while Huobi is launching its new token listing platform. In other news, Aeternity and Satoshipay join forces to offer faster crypto micropayments and... Read more »


  • Trading’s on. Maya Preferred 223 has been Listed on FatBTC
    Coinspeaker Trading’s on. Maya Preferred 223 has been Listed on FatBTC The Maya Preferred 223 team is pleased to announce that today MAPR has been listed at FatBTC, a top cryptocurrency exchange. Trading’s on. Maya Preferred 223 has been Listed on FatBTC Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »
  • Decentralized Internet Skywire Mainnet Launched by Skycoin
    Coinspeaker Decentralized Internet Skywire Mainnet Launched by Skycoin A new blockchain ecosystem Skycoin has recently introduced the developer version of decentralized Internet Skywire, a mesh network of interconnected devices. Decentralized Internet Skywire Mainnet Launched by Skycoin Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »
  • Vitalik Buterin: If the Price is Zero, Then the Network Can’t Be Secure
    Coinspeaker Vitalik Buterin: If the Price is Zero, Then the Network Can’t Be Secure In his recent interview, Vitalik Buterin explained why Ethereum price is important for the crypto industry and answered to many other questions. Vitalik Buterin: If the Price is Zero, Then the Network Can’t Be Secure Continue... Read more »
  • Crypto Trading Needs Something Fresh, and Streamex Delivers
    Coinspeaker Crypto Trading Needs Something Fresh, and Streamex Delivers Crypto market is still away from reaching its full potential, and new players should be incentivized to enter the field. comes up with a fresh solution. Crypto Trading Needs Something Fresh, and Streamex Delivers Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Trying to Continue Rising
    Coinspeaker Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Trying to Continue Rising Bitcoin is trying to continue rising, says Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, chief analyst at RoboForex. Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Trying to Continue Rising Continue reading at Coinspeaker... Read more »


  • Prominent Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) is Likely to Surge to 400k, Does This Mean the Bottom is in?
    Bitcoin’s price action over the past year and a half has been quite the rollercoaster, with many investors incurring nearly instant wealth in late-2017, followed by tremendous losses for those who continued to hold their Bitcoin or other crypto investments. Despite this, those who held and are still holding are... Read more »
  • Crypto Firm Severs McAfee Ties Apparently Regarding “Whale F**king” Comments
    John McAfee will apparently no longer be working with crypto project SkyCoin in an advisory capacity. Although McAfee has not publicly stated the reasoning behind the dismissal, the lead developer of the SkyCoin project and a blog associated with the SkyCoin community allege that the the termination was brought about... Read more »
  • Report Claims Bitcoin and Altcoin Correlation Slowly Fading, Could This be a Sign of a Maturing Market?
    The volatile price action in the crypto markets over the past year and a half has proved to investors that despite each major altcoin having (mostly) unique features and use-cases, their prices are still extremely influenced by the overall market price action, and especially that of Bitcoin. Now, a recent... Read more »
  • Crypto Street Artist Finds Generous Surprise in his Bitcoin Wallet
    A French street artist, famous for his murals containing hidden crypto prizes, has received his largest donation to date. Pascal Boyart recently checked the Bitcoin address associated with the QR code provided to accept donations for one of his works to find that some anonymous fan had donated a full... Read more »
  • Crypto Bull Returns, Predicts Targets For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin
    Ever since Bitcoin’s break of its parabolic advance in December 2017, the entire crypto market has been locked in a brutal bear market that’s resulted in companies going under, widespread layoffs, and investors and miners capitulating. Even the largest cap coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, all have fallen 85%... Read more »

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  • Ontology (ONT) Surges 25%, Overtakes ETC and NEO In Market Cap
    Ontology price rallied recently by more than 25% and broke the $1.40 resistance against the US Dollar. ONT surpassed the market cap of ETC and NEO to climb at 17th position in the market cap. There is a major bullish trend line in place with support at $1.200 on the... Read more »
  • Litecoin (LTC) Price Primed For More Upsides Toward $65
    Litecoin price remained in an uptrend and traded above the $60.00 resistance area against the US Dollar. LTC price corrected lower, but it found support near the $57.00 area. There is a key bullish trend line formed with support at $57.40 on the 4-hours chart of the LTC/USD pair (data... Read more »
  • How Blockchain Can Help the World of Sports Betting
    Initially introduced as an alternative to classic currencies in the form of Bitcoin, the blockchain system has gone on to find its purpose and use in many a sphere of the technological world. To investigate the potential link between blockchain and sports betting we teamed up, a collective of... Read more »
  • UNCHAIN, One of the World’s Leading Blockchain Events to Be Held in Berlin
    2019’s UNCHAIN Convention will bring together the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs in Berlin on June 14-15. The two-day conference will focus on today’s challenges for the maturing crypto community, investors and founders of blockchain startups. The event which has been voted to be one of the top-10 blockchain... Read more »
  • Cardano (ADA) Price In Strong Uptrend, $0.060 Seems Likely
    ADA price started a strong upward move from the $0.0400 support area against the US Dollar. The price rallied and broke the $0.0480 and $0.0500 resistance levels. There is a crucial ascending channel formed with support at $0.0502 on the 4-hours chart (data feed via Kraken). The price remains in... Read more »


  • Bitcoin Sees Sharp Selloff: Latest BTC Price Analysis
    Yesterday the evaluation of the cryptocurrency market cap has been at $139,376,793,391 at its lowest. From there the evaluation started increasing again until it came to $141,881,000,000 at its highest point when it the first sign of weakness was shown […] The post Bitcoin Sees Sharp Selloff: Latest BTC Price... Read more »
  • Cardano: As Byron Development Phase Ends, Community Eyes Shelley Upgrade
    On March 20th, the Cardano (ADA) community released the project’s v1.5 software, which comprises the final major software release in Cardano’s inaugural Byron “bootstrap” development phase. In an announcement post on the v1.5 release, IOHK community manager Maki Mukai said […] The post Cardano: As Byron Development Phase Ends, Community... Read more »
  • What is Game Theory? And How Does it Relate to Cryptocurrency
    Game theory is highly relevant to cryptocurrencies and is often an overlooked aspect of platforms, despite playing a vital role in their security and sustainability. A renewed vigor in game theory development and analysis has coincided with expanded interest and […] The post What is Game Theory? And How Does... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Hash Rate Climbs to Three-Month High: Will Price Follow?
    The Bitcoin Network hash rate is now at its highest level since the start of the year amidst growing optimism about the fate of the broader cryptocurrency market in 2019. While the hash rate continues to rise, mining difficulty remains […] The post Bitcoin Hash Rate Climbs to Three-Month High:... Read more »
  • How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Without I.D
    Identity exclusion, ever heard of it? It’s why the United Nations launched the so-called UN Goal Target 16.9, an initiative aimed giving legal identities to all humans by the year 2030. That’s because there are currently more than 1 billion […] The post How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously Without I.D... Read more »

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  • Lightning Loop Lets Users Empty Lightning Channels Without Closing Them
    Lightning Labs, the development team working to grow the Lightning Network, just released the alpha version of a new protocol called Lightning Loop.Lightning Loop is designed to give users the ability to deposit and withdraw bitcoin from their payment channels (the two-way payment gateways that allow users to send and... Read more »
  • Japan Introduces Stricter Regulation for Crypto Margin Trading
    Japanese regulators have reportedly approved draft amendments to the country's financial instruments and payment services laws, introducing stricter regulations for margin trading of digital assets.A report by local news publication Nikkei Asia Review noted that the amendments will place a cap on available leverage for crypto margin trading, pegging it... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Accepted as Payment Option by Major US Electronics Company
    Avnet has become the latest major enterprise to begin accepting payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. On March 19, 2019, the company announced that it will allow customers to pay for goods and services using bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Crypto payment processor BitPay will facilitate the transactions.Founded in 1921, Avnet... Read more »
  • Israeli Court Rules Against One-Size-Fits-All Bitcoin Ban by Bank
    An Israeli court ruled on March 17, 2019, that banks can't enforce a blanket ban against all accounts linked to cryptocurrency. Instead, the court said, banks need to consider the specific type and scope of crypto-related activity before determining whether or not to open an account.The case involved a lawsuit... Read more »
  • After QuadrigaCX: New Regulations for Canadian Exchanges Are in the Works
    As anxiety grows around every new twist and turn in the ongoing QuadrigaCX drama, along with extensive QuadrigaCX media coverage, Canada’s mainstream media has been calling on the government to bring in better oversight and regulation of cryptocurrency businesses, especially cryptocurrency exchanges.In response to these calls for more regulation and... Read more »


  • Binance Clarifies Rumors About API Featuring Crypto Margin Trading
    Earlier this week, a programmer on Reddit reportedly discovered margin trading features on Binance’s API, the world’s largest crypto exchange by daily volume. Noting that major cryptocurrency exchanges like BitMEX and Bitfinex have been able to manage high volume markets by featuring margin trading, the developer wrote: “This change has... Read more »
  • MakerDAO Voters Support Raising Ethereum-backed Loan Interest Rates to 7.5 Percent
    MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that provides crypto collateralized loans, polled its community on whether to increase interest rates and by how much. The community voted to increase rates by the maximum that was proposed, 4.0 percentage points, raising rates to 7.5 percent. If successfully executed, this would be the... Read more »
  • Cardano’s 1.5 Mainnet Release Successful, Progress Towards New Proof-of-Stake Protocol
    Cardano has successfully deployed its 1.5 mainnet, bringing the protocol a step closer to proof-of-stake consensus that “matches the security guarantees of proof-of-work protocols such as Bitcoin.” The update also includes a number of other optimizations, primarily around the blockchain’s crypto wallet, Daedelus. On Mar. 21st, Cardano deployed its 1.5... Read more »
  • ZenLedger CEO: Fortune 50 Companies Preparing for Blockchain
    CryptoSlate conducted an interview with Patrick Larsen, CEO and co-founder of—a cryptocurrency tax software company. He describes his outlook on web 3.0, data privacy, crypto-economics, and the Fortune 50’s outlook blockchain. Background on Patrick Larsen Patrick Larsen studied material science chemistry at the United States Air Force Academy and... Read more »
  • Improving Bitcoin: Jack Dorsey Announces Open-Source Initiative Square Crypto
    Jack Dorsey—the CEO of Twitter and Square, announced “Square Crypto”—a team Dorsey is assembling to work full-time on improving the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystems “independent” of Square’s business objectives. He is currently looking to hire up to four developers and one designer for the team. On Mar. 20th, Jack Dorsey... Read more »


  • Is the Crypto Market the Place to Be During a Recession?

    Nervous investors might look to crypto as a safe haven when the U.S. starts to slip into another recession. That’s the feeling among a group of cryptocurrency market participants who have been eyeing the ongoing chatter about a forthcoming recession with interest. Last month, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen weighed... Read more »
  • Constellation Labs Focuses on ‘Setting a Foundation’
    The founders of Constellation Labs were initially looking to build a decentralized content platform. But after witnessing the limits of the Ethereum network, they decided to focus on a protocol that would support high-volume content systems. The company raised $14 million in a private token sale earlier this year. More recently,... Read more »
  • There’s a New Art to Putting Picasso on the Auction Blockchain
    Early next year, aficionados of fine art will get the opportunity to own a piece of a rare Picasso, according to organizers of a blockchain fine art investment platform. Although blockchain backers have long touted the idea of using the technology to allow users to purchase fractional stakes in valuable... Read more »
  • ‘Crypto Winter’ Grips the Market as Its Troubles Continue
    The “crypto winter” that has chilled cryptocurrencies and brought them lower plodded on this week as bitcoin (BTC) plunged to fresh lows for the year. The selling frenzy intensified as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week postponed once again its decision on a bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The new... Read more »
  • US Lawmakers’ Bills: CFTC, Work Harder to Stop Crypto Price Manipulation
    Two U.S. congressmen have reached across the partisan divide to introduce two bills to prevent cryptocurrency price manipulation. However, if you’re worried about direct government interference into crypto, relax. These bills from Rep. Darren Soto, a Democrat from Florida, and Rep. Ted Budd, a Republican from North Carolina, ask the... Read more »

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  • LOOM Price Analysis: Scalable Dapp solution expands outlook
    The Loom network has delivered a viable Ethereum scaling solution and created fundamental value for its native LOOM-token – which has enjoyed a period of strong price performance recently following the release of a series of new interoperability solutions.... Read more »
  • Cryptopia breaks silence - promises a 'rebate' for lost funds
    After months of silence, compromised exchange Cryptopia has emailed its customer base with information about its January 14th breach, its current operational status, and its plan to compensate users who lost funds.... Read more »
  • Japan’s Crypto Association issues ICO regulation recommendations
    Japan’s Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA), a membership organization that has the ear of Japanese lawmakers, has released its recommendations for new ICO regulations. Meanwhile, e-commerce giant Rakuten continues to build out its crypto offering, and Japanese crypto legislation gets a makeover.... Read more »
  • More exchanges implementing market surveillance tools
    The message from the SEC about what it needs to see before approving a Bitcoin ETF has been consistent. It wants markets that are manipulation resistant – either because the product itself is inherently resistant (Bitcoin isn’t), or because the exchanges make it so. Gradually the message is getting through.... Read more »
  • Litecoin Price Analysis - Waning bullish momentum
    As both the LTC/USD and LTC/BTC pairs show signs of waning bullish momentum - with the high likelihood of a pullback in the near term - technicals still suggest a distinct end to the multi-month bear trend.... Read more »

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  • Time to reimagine your stock exchange with blockchain
    Time to reimagine your stock exchange with blockchain This exchange operates just like any other stock exchange in the world, in a sense, it is centralized, expensive and limited in transparency. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • Bitmain announces the launch of next-generation 7nm ASIC chip
    Bitmain announces the launch of next-generation 7nm ASIC chip Crypto mining giant Bitmain announced on Monday its latest and next generation 7nm ASIC chip BM 1397. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • QuadrigaCX transactions tied to dark web, says research
    QuadrigaCX transactions tied to dark web, says research The research found that QuadrigaCX obtained funds from several illegal sources BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • Any use case of Ethereum no longer exists, says Craig Wright
    Any use case of Ethereum no longer exists, says Craig Wright The alleged creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright is at it again calling Ethereum a rip off Bitcoin and saying that it has got no use cases. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »
  • Tron [TRX] rides on bullish momentum as the market turns green
    Tron [TRX] rides on bullish momentum as the market turns green Tron [TRX] rides on bullish momentum as the market experiences a reversal in fortunes and turns into a sea of green, with gains across the board. BCFocus : Cryptocurrency News and Technology Updates... Read more »


  • Switcheo Network rolls out NEO V3 exchange update
    CryptoNinjas Swticheo Network, the non-custodial crypto asset exchange for ERC20 and NEP5 tokens, announced an exciting update for users, which builds upon the recent launch of the NEO V2 trading smart contract, the Switcheo team has decided that now is the time to launch... Switcheo Network rolls out NEO V3... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrency payment app Zeux adds support for IOTA
    CryptoNinjas Zeux, a cryptocurrency and banking services app, announced it has teamed with the IOTA Foundation to create a system that will allow users to use MIOTA tokens as payment with merchants that accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Zeux, an FCA authorized financial... Cryptocurrency payment app Zeux adds support... Read more »
  • LATOKEN launches new decentralized exchange in beta
    CryptoNinjas LATOKEN, a crypto exchange for blockchain assets and tokens, today announced the company has released a beta version of LADEX — an open source, fully decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. LADEX aims to eliminate the custody problem in asset trading, making it as fast and... LATOKEN launches new decentralized exchange in... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrency exchange BitBay launches OTC service
    CryptoNinjas BitBay, a bitcoin and crypto exchange based out of Poland, and the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, today introduced a crypto-to-fiat over-the-counter trading desk. BitBay’s OTC provides a platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in large amounts (blocks) at a... Cryptocurrency exchange BitBay launches OTC service... Read more »
  • Copper introduces military-grade optical air-gapping to further secure private keys
    CryptoNinjas Copper, a London-based custodian for digital assets, announced it has further improved the protocols of its custodial service by adding military-grade optical air-gapping. This enhancement ensures the complete security of an offline repository of asset owners sharded keys during the transaction signing process.... Copper introduces military-grade optical air-gapping to... Read more »


  • WolfpackBOT – Redefining Cryptocurrency Trading at a Fast Pace
    WolfpackBOT is an out-of-the-box cryptocurrency trading software that aims to render mathematically accurate and fast trade through a proprietary trading algorithm, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, and customized settings based on personal trading style. The software also extends simultaneous trading access to all compatible cryptocurrency exchanges available on the bot.... Read more »
  • REBGLO – A Futuristic Approach Towards Cryptocurrency Mining
    In the present scenario of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining plays an imperative role. Miners are the ones that solve mathematical problems, generate new blocks, and verify transactions within the blockchain network. However, the efficiency of existing cryptocurrency mining process is majorly affected by two internal and external factors including:-  ... Read more »
  • Connect Coin: Redefining Financial Instruments
    Cryptocurrency International Tanzania limited (CITL), a private limited liability company based in the United Republic of Tanzania is planning to revolutionize the global payment system through the use of emerging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The company is known for taking initiatives in the field of the financial technology sector in... Read more »
  • Press Release BIDE 2019 BTC WIRES
    The largest universities-led blockchain conference in Europe will take place at Imperial College London on March 23rd, 2019. Blockchain In the Digital Economy (BIDE) 2019 will unite up to 500 leading academics, students and professionals in a value-driven push for boosting sustainable blockchain adoption. The 2018 crypto-market crash has helped... Read more »
  • WireConnect 2019 Powered by WireSummit in partnership with London Blockchain Labs | B.I.D.E
    WireConnect 2019 After a successful WireSummit, BTC Wires is back with another revolutionary blockchain gathering in the heart of London. The WIRE CONNECT powered by WireSummit brings together some of the most influential names in the blockchain space along with the revolutionary ideas backed startups looking to announce to the... Read more »


  • Stellar Attempts to Run From Lower Prices (XLM Price Analysis For March 21, 2019)
    On March 18, 2019, the price of Stellar Lumens (XLM) made a low close to $0.1. A rapid upward move followed, and price made a high slightly above $0.12 during the same day. Since then, the price has been on a gradual downtrend. When will the downtrend end? Keep reading... Read more »
  • Coinbase Custody Expands to Fully Support Zilliqa
    Zilliqa (ZIL) is now fully supported by Coinbase Custody. The news comes as the cryptocurrency project will be unveiling many new announcements in the coming weeks. Coinbase Custody came out last July to widespread excitement. Its goal was simple: to be the “most trusted and easiest-to-use crypto custody service available,”... Read more »
  • Is a Rapid Decrease Looming For Cardano? (ADA Price Prediction For March 21, 2019)
    On Mar 19, 2019, the price of Cardano (ADA) made a low of less than $0.05. Subsequent increases led to highs over $0.055 at the time of writing. Should we expect continued growth or is a reversal coming soon? In our Mar 15 analysis of Cardano, we predicted that the price... Read more »
  • SMS Me Some Bitcoins! Venezuela Uses Cryptocurrency Amid Blackout
    The citizens of a crisis-stricken Venezuela found a way to send and receive cryptocurrencies amid a big blackout when all internet enabled services went offline. Venezuelans have learned how to survive without food, water, and basic medical supplies. Recently the country suffered a massive blackout, losing electricity and leaving everyone... Read more »
  • Will Ethereum’s Price Keep Going Up? (Ethereum Price Prediction For March 21, 2019)
    On Mar 16, 2019, Ethereum (ETH) reached a high of nearly $148. A gradual downtrend followed. Since reaching a low of almost $138 on Mar 18, it has been slowly increasing. Will this increase continue? How high will Ethereum get? In our Mar 20 analysis of ETH, we predicted that Ethereum’s... Read more »


  • Crypto Market Maker, B2C2 Hires 25 Years Wall Street FX Veteran to Lead US Expansion
    In its bid to infiltrate the USA crypto industry, B2C2, a cryptocurrency liquidity provider based in London, has gone ahead to add Rob Catalanello, a 25-year veteran of Wall Street, to its ranks. Catalanello Held Several Senior Position on Wall Street Catalanello formerly held a senior position at the New... Read more »
  • Blockchain Identity Startup— Concordium Hires Denmark’s Former Prime Minister as Strategic Advisor
    A former prime minister of Denmark who was also the former secretary-general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is now part of the blockchain identity startup Concordium. He joined the startup as a strategic advisor. Rasmussen Will Play a Significant Role in Expansion Concordium’s chairman, Lars Seier Christensen, has revealed that... Read more »
  • Lykke Launches Two New LyCIs – Blockchain Investments Made Easier
    21 March 2019, Zug (Switzerland) – In their mission to provide access to the crypto market, Lykke has made two additions to its list of products: the Smart LyCI and Pay LyCI crypto indexes and their corresponding service tokens. The LyCI crypto index and its associated Service Token were launched... Read more »
  • Vitalik Buterin: Rising Ethereum Price Good for the Ecosystem
    In an interview with the host of Unchain Podcast Laura Shin in New York, Ethereum co-creator and one of the blockchain pioneers Vitalik Buterin addressed some topics – from Ethereum price to regulation. Regarding Ethereum price, Buterin said rising Ethereum price is important for the space. “In part, it was... Read more »
  • CoinMarketCap Partners With Solactive to Launch Two Separate Crypto Indices
    Top crypto data provider CoinMarketCap has announced the launch of two cryptocurrency benchmark indices on financial data feeds from Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS), Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters Eikon (Refinitiv) and Germany’s Börse Stuttgart, as well as its own data feed. Two Indices, One with BTC One Without According... Read more »

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  • America’s Missoula County Plans to Regulate Cryptocurrency Miners Due to Environmental Concerns
    United States’ Missoula County, also referred to as a hub of five valleys, is planning to regulate cryptocurrency miners so that they comply with zoning and noise regulations and most importantly, forgo fossil fuel energy in an effort to reduce climate change, as reported by the local publication Missoulan on... Read more »
  • Litecoin Price Prediction: Is LTC Going To Make Another High, or Is This the Top?
    Long-Term Outlook A look at the Weekly chart for Litecoin shows that the price is trading below the minor resistance area near $80. It is trading above the 21 and 200-period moving average but below the 50 and the negative Ichimoku cloud. It is facing very close resistance from the... Read more »
  • BitTorrent Token [BTT] and ChainLink [LINK] Price Action – LINK Lingers Above Key Level
    BitTorrent Token, BTT, had a strong finish to last week increasing from an area of consolidation to above a key resistance point before quickly falling back below it. BTT had been consolidating between $0.000725 and $0.00075, an area where price found buyer liquidity on its first drop after the initial... Read more »
  • Top 16 Best Ethereum Wallets [2019] – ETH & ERC20 Crypto Wallets
    Ethereum is the blockchain protocol with the most active developers and the most projects built on top of its platform. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you choose the best Ethereum wallet for you. Its native cryptocurrency, Ether, has the second highest market valuation behind the original cryptocurrency Bitcoin, so it is... Read more »
  • Huobi Group Introduces Huobi Prime – an Exclusive Program for Listing Premium Digital Assets
    Huobi Group, a major blockchain company with a cumulative turnover of more than $1 trillion, is preparing to change the criteria it uses to select and add premium digital assets to its popular cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global. In a press release shared with Blokt, the firm says that the new... Read more »


  • Augur Developer’s Dilemma in Fixing Vulnerability in Bettors Prediction Market
    Augur CEO Joey Krug admitted the platform’s betting system had a vulnerability that has been exploited by scammers.  Bet on Impossible Outcomes In a series of Tweets, Krug admitted that a malicious actor has taken advantage of a vulnerability in the best-known prediction market by taking advantage of deliberate ambiguities... Read more »
  • BlockFi Registers 10,000 Customers for Its Crypto Interest-Bearing Accounts
    According to a Bloomberg report published March 20 2019, a significant number of risk-averse cryptocurrency investors have flocked to BlockFi, a fintech startup that offers a healthy interest rate of 6.2 percent per annum on Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits. HODLers Find Refuge with BlockFi The crypto market continues to evolve... Read more »
  • Nvidia Hopes to Increase Profits after Selling Crypto Mining Inventory
    Hope might be on the horizon for Nvidia, as the chip maker is on track to sell off all their built up inventory by the first quarter of 2019 according to a March 19, 2019 report. Clearing Stock and High Hopes When the crypto winter came fell upon the industry... Read more »
  • CipherBlade Report Disputes Wall Street Journal’s Claims against Shapeshift
    Months after The Wall Street Journal accused them of laundering money through their exchange; Shapeshift has hit back with a March 20, 2019 report from CipherBlade. Double Take In July 2018, The Wall Street Journal published a report in which they accused crypto exchange Shapeshift of helping hackers in laundering... Read more »
  • Ethereum Blockchain Being Used to Issue North Korean Visas
    From March 24, 2019, people wishing to visit North Korea may do so by purchasing ERC-721 visas issued on the Ethereum blockchain by a North Korean dissident group. Future Entry Besides the predominantly commercial use of blockchain, there have been a handful of other less-popular social aspects of its application.... Read more »

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