With the number of websites who cover bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency related news increasing day by day it is hard even for experienced readers to ”catch up” with all of them.

SatoshisBrain.com was created as a solution to this problem.

Getting inspired by the usefulness of a website called Alltop – which gathers the latest news from various sources in different niches in a single page – we decided to create something similar, only this time will be focusing on the cryptocurrency niche.

Satoshisbrain.com is helping thousands of crypto enthusiasts every day to read the latest bitcoin news and blockchain developments from over 50 of the most reputable cryptocurrency news sources from a single page.

Also we’ve taken this a step further to include the latest headlines from the most popular crypto subreddits making satoshisbrain.com a trully one shop stop for crypto enthusiast who need to stay updated on everything crypto.

Our goal is for satoshisbrain.com to become the number one destination for bitcoin and blockchain news on the globe. To achieve this, we need your insights. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this website then please, drop us a line here.